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[bigtext]We make a SPLASH producing hard-hitting, highly effective public relations campaigns.[/bigtext]

Orca Communications Unlimited is widely known as “America’s PR firm for Inventors and Entrepreneurs®”.  Our hard-hitting, highly effective, out-of-the-box approach to public relations allows us to continually produce exceptional results for our clients.  We have a strong commitment to understanding our client’s business and long-term goals so that we can effectively and strategically present their products and services to the world.  We specialize in consumer PR in all industries including baby and children’s products, pet, home & garden, style & beauty, retail, health & safety, trends & gifts, technical innovations, and much more.

Why the name Orca?

It’s our work ethic and team-minded culture!

Orcas are highly intelligent and have an extremely sophisticated system of communication. Otherwise known as the killer whale, they live and hunt in cooperative pods, or family groups. They are very close-knit and as many as four generations will travel together in a pod at one time.  Great communication is the glue that brings harmony to the Orca community. Here at Orca Communications, our “pod” of publicists are a cohesive, cooperative, and supportive group in the ongoing hunt for amazing media coverage for our clients.  We pride ourselves on being exceptional communicators and we deliver “killer” public relations service.

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About our publicists

Why do we know the importance of a timely pitch? Because we used to write and report the news or plan a magazine issue and its content!

What makes us know the best time of the day or night to approach producers, editors and reporters?  Because we used to have their deadlines and we know all about their crazy-hectic hours.Our team is media-savvy.Our lead publicists are all media insiders who we’ve lured right out of local and national newsrooms and magazine offices. That’s why we have well established relationships with editors, reporters, booking agents and producers all over the US.  We will draw on those contacts and our media experience to get the maximum amount of coverage for you!

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“Where We Started” – The Vision of Julia Hutton

Julia Hutton was a 40 year PR veteran that had worked in various facets of corporate public relations.  After years of experiencing how most PR firms operate, Julia had a vision for a firm where the publicists did less meeting about what they were “going to do” and more “doing”!

She also envisioned making PR affordable to the average small business owner instead of only a luxury that corporations could afford.

[pullquote position=”left”] The reason I created Orca is because I just love to see entrepreneurs realize their dreams and there is no better way than through the, “Implied Endorsement” when media covers a story.  This is a passion of mine. I love to see people successful, and interesting ideas, stories and solutions to common challenges. [/pullquote]

In 2002 she launched Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC. She was ahead of her time in knowing that a virtual workplace not only helped the environment but increased productivity because it cut back on commuting.

To this day, Orca publicists get up before the sun and work after it goes down with few breaks in between!

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