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A TV Producer’s Perspective on PR Pitches


By: Amanda Green

TV news and lifestyle shows are filled with experts, hosts, and consumer reporters showcasing amazing products and services. If you think your company deserves airtime, I’m here to tell you the honest and behind-the-scenes truth from someone who has been there.

TV producers are inundated with pitches from companies who think their products and services are game changers. Producers are often overworked, overtired members of the press who need a story that is visual, engaging, and original that can turn fast and fit into a two-minute time slot.

I was on the receiving end of PR pitches for more than a decade and if truth be told, more didn’t get read than did get read. I threw most into the trash bin before even opening the emails. Admittedly, I may have missed some great story ideas and opportunities, but I simply did not have time to weed through the trash to find the treasure. I only accepted story pitches from people whom I had a personal or professional relationship with or those with a headline that was undeniably something that hooked my interest.

From the moment a TV producer wakes up to the moment a TV producer goes to bed, they are focused on news of the day and current trends and events. The environment is constantly changing – stories get added and dropped – newsroom stress level is high and inboxes fill up quickly.

I can tell you from experience, the story pitches that make it to air are those that are relevant, timely, and have a personal impact. For example, if everyone is talking about Melania Trump’s choice of wardrobe that day and you pitch me a story about a local woman who designed the sunglasses in her purse, I am going to pursue it. If you have a baby product that would be perfect for Princess Kate’s newly conceived baby, let’s talk.

This is where a good PR team comes into play. A good publicist knows how to make their client relevant and how to approach the frazzled journalists. It’s partly making a product or service sound good or interesting. Yes. But it’s not just that. it is about making it fit into the producer’s daily rundown. Timing and connections are everything.

So, before you decide to DIY PR, ask yourself if you know how to find the hole in the newswheel and if you know how to fill it. This is where a professional publicist with newsroom experience can really shine.


Amanda Green is an Account Executive at Orca Communications and a former morning lifestyle show and award-winning breaking news broadcast producer.

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Influencers: How Do You Reach Them?


In the ever-growing world of social media, the way we interact and reach potential consumers is changing. Even some primary staples of social media are constantly evolving to adapt to the cultural, technological, and political climate. For instance, “influencers” are a social media marketing technique on the rise. Influencers are becoming an essential part of any social media marketing for a brand, but how exactly do you connect with them? Let’s take a look at the process of establishing and maintaining relationships with these influencers, and what you can expect with influencer campaigns.

Before you start looking for influencers, think about whom you are trying to reach with influencer marketing. What’s the ideal audience for your brand? If you are at a loss for whom to target, look at your previous social media ad demographics for some inspiration. You can glean different specifics like age, gender, interests, and location. All of these aspects of your ads can point you in the right direction of which influencers to target. If you are just starting out and have never created social media ads before, take time to do your research online. For example, if you want to find influencers for a new child’s toy look up ‘toy reviews’ and see who comes up in your search.

But what about influencers that aren’t so easy to find? Could there be one that’s important to your category that you’re unaware of? That is where a PR or Marketing firm like Orca comes in. A publicist or marketing professional has the time, expertise and resources to find influencers, reviewers, and blogs across the world. Grabbing the attention of the top influencers will be a goal, but there are many smaller influencers with a devoted following and a better conversion rate to reach ratio.

Once you or your PR and Marketing team identify the most fitting influencers, it is time to make contact. At this time, you will discover some pretty significant factors in influencer marketing.

Influencers are often quick to get back to inquiries but don’t expect a guaranteed review just because you contacted them. Influencers receive dozens of emails every day from brands all vying for the same exposure. They’ll likely reply with either pricing info (what is usually referred to as a ‘sponsored post’) or a sample request so they can test it out and determine if it’s worthy of sharing with their following. As you begin this journey, bear in mind that many influencers charge money to post or tweet about a product – another term used for this arrangement is ‘pay to play.’ You will want to determine before beginning an influencer campaign if you are 1.) willing to spend money on sponsored posts, and 2.) what your budget is.

Regardless of whether it’s a sponsored post or editorial review (meaning no cost involved), all influencers will likely request a product sample. The best content on social media has a visual, and influencers are specialized at making your product look great on camera for their audience. If your product has not come out yet or you do not have samples, it’s best to wait before contacting influencers.

If you’re uncertain about targeting influencers, try a few social media ads first to get a feel for your audience and social landscape.

Alternatively, you should consider the more traditional route of a public relations campaign to spread the word about your product or service. Influencer programs can certainly be an effective marketing strategy, but they can be one-dimensional, as well. Participating in a PR campaign will raise awareness about your brand on a much broader scale, including national magazines, major news websites, influential bloggers, national/regional TV and more.

No matter which way you choose to go, taking an active role in marketing and public relations is sure to yield results!

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Secrets to Being Memorable on Social Media


As a content contributor, I have a voracious appetite for authors. Two of my favorite are Dale Carnegie with his book How To Win Friends And Influence People and John Malloy with Dress For Success.  Both gentlemen provided me the logistics for success – leave a lasting impression. When we look at content marketing and social media today, even marketing in general, we always need to leave a lasting impression so that individuals talk about us.

My research on the Internet for the last 20 years illustrates that those that are most provocative are the ones that are memorable. Individuals such as Seth Godin with his now famous book Purple Cow, to Gary Vaynerchuk and even Neil Patel create some incredible content that creates hordes of followers. In fact, it is provocative nature that allows us all to discuss particular products and services.

Take for example all of the ridiculous cat videos that are seen on YouTube. Or, even the ridiculous human falls, and daredevil attempts that are captured on video. One can simply look at YouTube and immediately notice millions of views.  As an entrepreneur or small business, you need to think in a similar way. David Ogilvy of the now famous advertising firm that bears his name spoke about this as early as the 1970s. In order to remain vivid in the mind of the customer, you need to do something that’s memorable.

Here are some tips that might be helpful for you:

  1.  Observe.  Constantly observed people and their habits. Look at some of the behavior and how it correlates to your existing product or service. Is there something that establishes a presence to help make your product or service memorable?
  2. Design. Some of the now famous products are memorable because of their design. For example, the iPhone which captured attention from Steve Jobs in 2010. Or, the Fit Bit’s unique design and interface got many people off the couch. As it is often said in the Capital One commercials of today “what’s in your design?”
  3. Quality. There is much consternation amongst customers today that they’re not being serviced well or, that products do not offer the quality of yesteryear. Is there something in the quality of your product that is substantial allowing consumers to talk about you. Take a look at your quality and how well it holds up amongst the competition.
  4. Service. 67% of most individuals today would rather utilize customer automation than deal with an individual because of poor customer service. Is your organization similar to a Starbucks or Nordstrom’s? Do you provide incomparable service that allows others to speak about you?

Sometimes all it takes is looking at the simple things that allow your customers to speak about you. This includes but is not limited to taste the food, the quality of service, the quality of design and even the manner in which you interact with your consumers. One of the best things that you might be able to do is track every customer touch point to ensure that there is a level of excellence in everything that you do that allows customers to chat about your greatness. You will see immediate results by doing the things your competition is not or positioning well against your competition. Take a few moments each day to ensure that you’re conducting the correct observations while also being consistent and relentless in your marketing so that you become the talk of the town. Be consistent and be memorable.


If your business is not where you need it today and you are seeking higher levels of visibility and greater gains in your marketing approach then connect with me today and let’s invest a few moments of your time with A FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION.


Or, if you’re looking to understand some of the issues and frustrations of your business why don’t you email me today and I’ll send you a free copy of my special report12 Frustrations Of Small Business Owners And How To Cure Them”.

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When Good Salespeople Harm Small Businesses


I have not only been selling for 35 years, but I have been sold for that amount of time as well. I recall two issues that still stupefy me.  And, they both seem to have the same comments.

Many years ago my wife and I were buying our first home. I will never forget to ask questions of the real estate selling professional who told me she couldn’t answer my questions because she never sold homes in my price range.

In the second incident, I was looking for commercial leasing space. Since I only had 20 employees, I wanted to start small and then grow. I initially asked for 1200 ft.² of space. The leasing agent told me it cost him more money to show me space because his time is geared more towards valuable rental spaces of 50,000 ft.² or more.

In 35 years, I have never negated a sales opportunity. Potential customers that have a want or need are serviced. I find that from time to time selling professionals, much like many customer service professionals and even certain small business owners, tend to feel that the consumer is an interruption of the business and not a purpose for it.  As a small business owner every single customer matters. Simply put, letting them walk out the door not only ruins your reputation for community building but it also makes you discretionary on whom your clients are. Here are some simple rules of thumb for your small business and your sales professionals.

1. Customers matter – No customer is an interruption of the business they are simply the purpose for it. Poor customer treatment directly harms your cash flow.

2. Follow-up – Selling professionals are paid a salary and compensation for the sole purpose of interacting with consumers and ensuring the successful completion of want or need. Avoidance of customer calls and professional follow-up for potential opportunities allows customers to visit your competitor. All calls should be returned within 90 minutes and all emails and text messages within the hour.

3. Mystery shopping – A crucial aspect of your business is understanding what you’re selling professionals are doing to support and market your business. Therefore, it is imperative that you conduct mystery shopping to understand the professional integrity of your selling professionals. Enlisting friends, colleagues and even former clients to be sold on your services will illustrate gaps, inconsistencies and even harmful behavior.

4. Negotiation – All customers want to negotiate. As a small business owner, it is your call on how much flexibility to provide to selling professionals. Remember, any concession a client wants comes directly out of your pocket.

5. Integrity – Small business must be an equal opportunity advocate. Selling professionals that dismiss potential consumers with negative comments or behavior don’t deserve to be employed. Anybody that works for your business is a direct representation of your core values, your mission, and your vision. Those negatively impacting your core beliefs will mar your community reputation.

As your small business grows, it requires you to delegate several areas of responsibility. These include but are not limited to; sales and marketing, for example, because and not your core strength. Delegation is a sign of strength, not weakness. But when you employ others that refuse to follow your principles and practices, that will become your weakness. Select the proper employees, train them properly, and provide constant and relentless feedback. Good employees ensure that your business portrays the brand you desire.

If your business is not where you need it today and you are seeking higher levels of visibility and greater gains in your marketing approach then connect with me today and let’s invest a few moments of your time with A FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION.

Or, if you’re looking to understand some of the issues and frustrations of your business why don’t you email me today and I’ll send you a free copy of my special report12 Frustrations Of Small Business Owners And How To Cure Them”.

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7 Tips to Regain Lost Revenue


I work with many individuals and their respective businesses that suffer from revenue gain. Many blame politics, the economy, etc. It is very easy to play the victim. Business owners love using victimology to create excuses as to why business is off.

The issue with victimization is that a) it does not repair revenue and b) it only creates more depression. When business is bad, you need to think like the athlete in a slump; return to basics and get your butt back in the game!

You might ask, what do I mean by a return to basics? Start by going back to the core issues that helped to create the organization in the first place. Seek out what brought the company to elevation and what brought it down. What I typically find is many entrepreneurs forget the most important company idea – working the pipeline. So here are a few things to consider:

1. Pipeline Management – if you want business then you must ensure for not only present but future growth. 15% of every day must be focused on networking and creating new leads.

2. Marketing – It is amazing how poorly many articulate the message. You must speak to the value you provide and the issues customers currently face. Speaking about you, clients you have does not matter – results and returns are imperative.

3. Messaging – Do you have a value proposition based on value? If you are unclear of what you do how is your client to understand?

4. Promotion – 15% of your day must be invested with sending your message to multiple markets. In 2017 branding will be vital and if you do not have a brand that consumers know you will be lost in the ocean of marketing noise.

5. Customer Service – If you reputation sucks and you are poor with customer service you will never get business! Consumers are your best marketing avatars.

6. Pride – Stop allowing pride to get in your way. Who cares if you are the CEO? If you are unwilling to work as hard as your sales and marketing team or you sit in a cushy office behind a big desk, that does not articulate value to your potential consumers. Even the best CEO’s market!

7. Disruption – There is nothing, and I mean nothing, new under the sun. You have competition and you must position yourself differently from them. If you do not think in terms of disruption, you will never be known.


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3 Secrets to Stable Business


Since the 2008 recession, many individuals have staked their claim in developing a business. The trust and the greed of both Wall Street and Main Street have many deciding to control their destinies. While it is most honorable to start a business, many things require what are called staying power.

A good example of this is to look at any retail strip mall in the United States. There are many barren storefronts. While the media tends to claim that much of this is related to the Internet, some may argue poor entrepreneurial decisions. Moreover, the Internet does allow individuals to make individual claims without substantive proof. For example, look at the numerous consultants and coaches that are self-proclaimed experts in various things. Propaganda does not make for the successful business – implementation does.

While many businesses might have terrific products or services, there are several factors that lead directly to bankruptcy.

1. Customer service – The purpose of business is simple – to acquire and retain customers. I was in a retail store most recently, and it took almost 15 minutes for one of the selling representatives to notice that I was even there. And, the owner of the business was in the store but had no interest in speaking with potential customers. When you believe you’re above the law and narcissism is the name of the game you will have little traffic come your way.

2. Delegation- I am always amazed by small business owners that decide to utilize Microsoft Word and other electronic products to produce marketing collateral, business cards, and even promotions. A good exercise is to think about what your annual income is and then divide that by the number of hours in a day. If your pay is in the 6 to 7 figure range, then it’s best to allow professionals to handle marketing collateral and printing material on the best stock available. Wasting your time on items that distract you from networking and having customer conversations will not provide you business opportunities.

3. Marketing – You must invest at least 15% of your gross income in marketing. Taking the money and spending it on luxurious vacations or even in home furnishings does not place focus where it needs to be – on customers! Additionally, marketing must be consistent and relentless. Marketing requires that you focus on it daily so that you can build community and eventually a cult following. When your marketing is working, you should have a following no different than a celebrity, a rock star or even religion. Look around you today. Are you capturing audience attention? Is the traffic on your website or even in your retail location where you wanted to be? Perhaps you’re not consistent and relentless in your marketing. Finally, you need to articulate value and differentiation. Using words and phrases that the competition uses does not separate you from the pack. You need to speak in a manner that customers seek.

Nobody said that running a business was easy part if you focus on the most important things which are customer acquisition and retention you build a solid base and a stable economic future.

If your business is not where you need it today and you are seeking higher levels of visibility and greater gains in your marketing approach then connect with me today and let’s invest a few moments of your time with A FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION.

Or, if you’re looking to understand some of the issues and frustrations of your business why don’t you email me today and I’ll send you a free copy of my special report12 Frustrations Of Small Business Owners And How To Cure Them”.

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Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Is Not Converting Into Real Business


For many years, I have experienced small businesses conducting an array of things that not only take away from the firm but executed poorly. In today’s world, many entrepreneurs believe it is easier to take things on to save money. These include but are not limited to: making business cards, making copies of marketing brochures and even conducting marketing.

Do not misunderstand me; I am all about saving money but sometimes being frugal disrupts the business flow. Therefore, which is easier, struggling over the design of the business card that takes three hours away from your connecting with potential clients or allowing a professional to do it?

The same holds true with social media. Just because you have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, does not mean it equates to business acquisition. I have experienced so many entrepreneurs that sit in front of a computer for hours on end creating Facebook posts with no customers to account for months end! If you are genuinely interested in saving time in gaining more customer revenue than here are three things you need to be attentive to what a concern social media marketing.

1 – The DIY approach may not be your best approach. Many individuals believe that they can do their own marketing to save time and money. Let me ask you a question. How many times have you started your day with several things you wanted to accomplish only to have not achieved them?  Marketing requires a consistent and relentless approach. With the multitude of items that you have on your plate as an owner, there is no possible way for you to contribute enough time and attention to your daily marketing efforts.

2 – A number of likes and number of hits. Many entrepreneurs are tickled by the number of likes gained from a particular post. However, there is a crucial need to look beyond the like. What is most important are not the number of likes, but rather what converts into actual sales. There were too many entrepreneurs letting people know that they have 1 million likes on a post. They failed to tell them they only have $10 in the savings account. Which is more important to you, being liked, or being bought?

3 – Demographics and differentiation. Too many entrepreneurs spend and in working amount of time on the social media networks that THEY use. The issue here is that there is a lack of focus on the business’s core demographic. It does not matter that you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, snapshot, Instagram or any other social media channel.  What matters most is the channels used by your core demographic. Moreover, are you provocative or different enough from your competition? If you are not aligned with your core demographic and not speaking in a voice that creates attention, then you are only wasting time.

Take a few moments to examine your social media impact. By taking a good look at where your best investment is, the simple changes can create the greatest gains. So rather than do-it-yourself look for someone that can provide you a consistent and relentless approach and provide you with the opportunities that you’re looking for.

If your business is not where you need it today and you are seeking higher levels of visibility and greater gains in your marketing approach then connect with me today and let’s invest a few moments of your time with A FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to understand some of the issues and frustrations of your business why don’t you email me today and I’ll send you a free copy of my special report12 Frustrations Of Small Business Owners And How To Cure Them”.

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Top Seven Customer Service Issues


People expect good service by everyone from car dealerships to computer companies. Customer Service has made and broken countless businesses since commerce was invented. Simply review the national or regional news, and you will see stories from the sublime to the ridiculous such as Wells Fargo and Office Depot. If you think it does not matter, then I’m willing to bet on what side of history your business will be. For those of you who care about your business, here are seven customer service issues that you must be attentive to in your business.

1 – Not Being Courteous

Countless studies have shown that people transmit subliminal signals that can affect other’s emotional state. In other words, if you’re in a bad mood, you’re going to make those around you sour. An unpleasant interaction will equal an unpleasant experience. This can be fixed with basic manners. Such as, smile more often, say hello, you are welcome, please, and thank you. This goes for your employees as well.

2 – Keeping Poor Records

There are many times where customer service issues tend to hinge on ethical concerns. Records management is essential when ensuring customer service. Issues such as overbilling clients, ignoring sales taxes, suggesting items were shipped when not, etc. are all a large part of the customer service equation. If you want to ensure your records are correct, you must look at every customer touch point and walk it through before the customer does.

3 – Wait Times

Time is money. All inquiries most have some form of response within in an hour. You must never underestimate how deeply people value their time; there are always people willing to pay for this. If you show consideration for this, often, it will be repaid in turn. For example, I return all calls in 90 minutes and emails in 2 hours. Why have an automated telephone system when you can pay people to be mindful of your great asset?

4 – Arguing with Customers

Ever hear the saying, “the customer is always right,” and wonder if it was true? Well, it depends, how much do you like making money? This applies to service based industries, but with customer increasingly becoming more reliant to reviewer based ratings in making their purchasing decisions, our brand images are increasingly reliant on those reviews. So, keep in mind, sometimes it’s better to bend policy than to argue. Moreover, if the client is persistently argumentative, you can divorce them.

5 – Poor Training of Agents and Staff

It is a mistake too commonly seen with small businesses; incompetence, rudeness, incorrect information, and apathy. It’s imperative that you give your employees the necessary tools to be able to accomplish their job in the least costly manner. With proper training, you can decrease costs and increase revenues.

6 – Giving Customers the Runaround

We have all been there; after waiting for an hour with customer service, we find ourselves being given another number to call. Beyond being dishonest, it is extremely short sighted and poor business to do. We are all paid to solve a problem, if we are unable to solve the problem, then our source of revenue will go elsewhere. If you find yourself unable to solve a problem, be honest, and either offer to research it or a method of contact to someone who can.

7 – Not Listening

How can you fix a problem if you do not understand what the problem is? Listening is a key component to service. It is the only way to make sure you are solving the problem and that you satisfy the needs of your customers. By listening you can better understand the flaws of your organization and sometimes even the solutions. Above all else, when genuinely done, it shows you respect your customers.


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SEO Secrets for Small Business


Many years ago, running the business seemed so natural. You would either invent or represent a product or service, place it on the shelf and begin selling. The problem today is that there is so much technology involved. There are websites to be considered, social media avenues, and terminology that we don’t even understand. I recall back in the 1990s trying to determine what TCP/IP meant, however, now we have terms such as SEO that at times require another college degree. If you are a small business owner, my intention in this article is to help you understand and explore the need for SEO – search engine optimization.

I was born in the 1960s, so I remember these enormous directories placed on my parents front door known as the Yellow Pages©. The Yellow Pages listed every single business within my regional area. Now, if you live in urban centers such as Metropolitan New York or Los Angeles, you can imagine the size of these books! Seeking to discover the best physician, dentist, or attorney was as difficult as attempting to find a needle in a haystack.

Today, things are different with the use of the Internet. At the dawn of the millennium came what is now a huge company known as Google. Google followed organizations such as; Dog pile, Ask Jeeves and AltaVista to help individuals like you and I find information in the vast world of the Internet. There are over 500 million websites in existence today, and with so much noise it ‘s hard to determine one vendor from another.

Approximately five years ago, Google along with other software developers invented a methodology so that you could utilize directories such as the Yellow Pages© more efficiently. SEO or better known as search engine optimization is a method for you to find that needle in the haystack easily. Search engine optimization is a process with the use of words, phrases, URL links and even images to be found easier on the Internet. Think of SEO as a call for help in a big venue such as a rock concert – your voice this heard amongst the noise.

The simple fact is if you want your business to be found on the Internet, then you must use search engine optimization. Here are some simple things that might get you started so that if your business or your website is not obtaining the traffic, you desire these ideas might create some changes.

  1. Keywords- Keywords are nothing more than the specific descriptors for your business. For example, if you are an auto repair shop or the manufacturer of the soap, then you need to have the words that your consumers use to help find you on the Internet. Using terms such as auto accident, car dings, dents, fender bender, etc. will allow your auto repair shop to be found more easily. Similarly, if you manufacture soap, then you want to use words such as antibacterial, hand soap, bath soap and so on. Further, you need to ensure that your city and state also appears on your website. These keywords must be shown on pages of your site where you describe your products and services. This will allow your site to appear quickly on the first page of Google and be considered amongst your competitors.
  2. Content marketing- There is a tremendous amount of banter within the Internet community on blogging and distribution of content. Many believe that material creates more noise on the Internet – it does. However, creating content for your potential consumer base allows others to find you easier because you are using keywords to attract them. Content marketing utilizes a process that helps to update your website with newer and frequent content, making it more attractive during a potential consumer’s search. This phase of search engine optimization is vital to the success of your business.
  3. Developing link relationships- Similar to the way that you would network with individuals so that you can obtain business, search engine optimization works in the same vein. A secret to your success would be creating links from your website with alliances from other vendors. These can be retail establishments, other e-commerce businesses or simply business relationships. Creating links from other sites to your site allows your business to be found easier.
  4. It’s a process- One of the biggest mysteries about search engine optimization is that many business owners believe you create something and leave it alone. Not true! Search engine optimization is a continuous process and will take you time. If you have little love it it would be worth it for you to invest in outside individuals to assist you.

Lastly, one of the biggest mysteries of not only the Internet but small business is that you need to think like the larger companies. Search engine optimization, much like marketing and sales, needs to be conducted consistently and relentlessly. One cannot expect to open a retail establishment in a strip mall and believe if you open they will come. Not true! Every business needs to continually market daily. Therefore, as a small business, it is imperative to use the tools at your fingertips to create a vibrant business.

To give you a leg up I suggest that you gain some good understanding of SEO to help you gain better insight into being found in a deep sea of competition. If you require additional thoughts do not hesitate to ask me a question. I would love to hear from you contact me here.

Additionally, if you are having issues creating visibility and revenue for your business, you might be interested in knowing you are not alone. Download my free 12 Frustrations of Small Business today! This quick whitepaper provides the 12 most common issues of small business and how to cure them. And, it is absolutely free.

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Social Media as a Lifesaving Tool


24 hours ago, some of our friends living and visiting Boston thought it was going to be another beautiful Patriot’s Day.  More than 23,000 people looked at it as a day a milestone would be reached, by completing the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.  The deadly explosions yesterday in Boston changed all of that.

By now, we hope that you have heard from your friends and family who were in the area immediately affected.  If not, The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has three suggestions on how to find your loved ones and to register yourself as “safe” for those looking for people in Boston:

  1. Boston Mayor’s hotline: 617-635-4500
  2. Red Cross Safe and Well: 1-800-RED-CROSS or
  3. Google Person Finder:

Anyone who is going to be in the Boston area within the next few days will want to check out the Twitter account for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to find out about transportation closings: @MassEMA.

We are saddened by the events of yesterday, and we applaud the emergency workers, volunteers, and all those who are helping people directly affected by the attacks.  We know many of you want to help out, too.  The American Red Cross issued a statement late last night saying in the coming weeks and months, they will need blood donations and if you are interested, you can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit

Nothing can erase what we saw, read and experienced yesterday.  This morning we are grateful for the powerful social media, which we use in our jobs and daily lives, that helps us connect in unprecedented ways.

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