Tammy Marino

Tammy Marino is a seasoned publicist with over 20 years of experience working with clients across a variety of industries. Prior to joining Orca Communications, Tammy was running her own boutique PR shop, Pitchcraft PR, where she was able to fine-tune and tailor her PR programs to meet the distinct needs of each client. In addition to her own agency, and other freelance publicity projects, Tammy began her career working at some of the best and brightest New York City PR firms.  Over the course of her career, Tammy has developed and implemented comprehensive PR programs for healthcare, hi-tech, hospitality, fashion and other consumer product accounts and has scored business-generating placements in top-tier media outlets including HuffPo, New York Post, Elle magazine, and more. Tammy’s passion is working with her clients to find the spellbinding stories they have to tell and then crafting pitches that are sure to grab the media’s attention.

Tammy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at New York University and she also holds her Master’s Degree in Education. She lives in Sugar Land, TX with her husband and four very busy, creative children.

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