‘Crowd-funding websites and Orca PR: A Perfect Partnership!’

May 25, 2013 | Julie Simon

Crowd-funding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become the go-to spots for entrepreneurs to vet their innovations and secure funding.  As the popularity of crowd-funding increases, so has the number of crowd-funding graduates on our roster.

Orca’s affordable price structure makes PR attractive and attainable for these upstarts, and the media LOVES these crowd-funding products!  Being brand-new is a huge selling point with the press – editors and producers love/ crave products that are fresh and new, and nobody knows better than Orca publicists how to capitalize on the uniqueness and “newness” of these creative innovations. Since we all come from the press corps ourselves, we have fabulous contacts and a way to ‘massage’ the pitch so we know it gets read!

Not only are we sustaining the momentum and the “buzz” for these upstarts after their Kickstarter campaign has ended, but Orca also offers a unique short term media blitz during the launch of a Kickstarter campaign as well.

Here are a few of our Kickstarter / Indiegogo clients:

Obtainium Wallets
Recoil Winders
Task One- Indiegogo
HuMn Wallet
Recap Mason Jars
Jiva Cubes
I/O Denim
Ninja Standing Desk
Integral Designs (The Flipcase, Compact Chopsticks, and the Keyprop)
My Alibi Clothing (Bloomers)
Caffeinate Labs (Pocket Monkey)
Scrubba Wash Bag

If you know anyone looking for help spreading the word about their crowd-funded company, send them to info@orcacommunications.com!