Influencer Marketing


Orca Communications takes an organic influencer marketing approach to find the right influencers and transform them into brand allies. We build genuine relationships that are mutually beneficial and long-term.

The Instagram snapshot. The YouTube video demonstrating how easy it is to use your product. The TikTok video sharing your product’s unique/fun features. The informative blog post about how your product is the solution we’ve all been waiting for. These are the things that capture the interest of consumers.

Where traditional marketing can’t reach, influencers are there to share your brand, build relationships, and launch your new product. 

Where most platforms merely hand over a list, Orca’s influencer marketing campaign package includes a curated approach to meet each client’s unique requirements. We develop strategy, source niche influencers, build relationships, handle logistics, send timely updates and monthly reports, and ensure FTC compliance.

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