Sound Solution


In recent years, researchers found that Orcas are struggling to communicate and find prey due to increasing underwater noise caused by vessels traveling through their waters. Solutions such as quieter motor technology and slowing down ships in specific areas can easily reduce this noise pollution. In public relations, we are facing the similar challenges. The Internet creates a huge opportunity to make noise and in doing so, also makes it more difficult to be heard. 

A multi-pronged approach

Our Sound Solution fuses dynamic PR services with social media, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing support. This combination allows us to produce the most cost-effective marketing campaigns that cut through the noise. As a result, our clients have more visibility and a louder voice.

A rising number of influencers and mainstream media outlets are adopting an affiliate model into their content strategy. Our publicists and social media specialists assist our clients in engaging this important sales channel. We do this through targeted and strategic outreach that infuses affiliate marketing into our press and media campaigns.

Orca Communications also integrates social media support. This help clients leverage PR coverage through multiple channels to create a stronger return on investment.

Tracking exposure from public relations campaigns can be difficult, but measuring its impact is easy if you amplify press placements through other more trackable sales and marketing efforts positioned with a clearer and more immediate call to action. 

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