• Working with Orca was an absolute dream!  They took time to really understand our product and brand voice then set out to do what they do best-- let the world know! We saw significant traction with our organic SEO backlinks through the articles and gift-guide placements they landed for us-- not to mention nice little sales lifts to accompany the publications. I'm happy to recommend the ORCA team to any and all small business owners looking for help to reach a broader audience!
    - Scott Taube, Owner + CEO, Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers
    Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers
  • Working with Orca Communications has been a pleasure from start to finish, and I can confidently say that they are the best PR agency I have ever worked with. From the moment I reached out to Orca Communications, they were responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. Their team of PR experts truly understand the industry and have the experience to deliver exceptional results. Throughout the entire process, Orca Communications kept me informed and involved, providing regular updates and feedback. But most importantly, Orca Communications delivered outstanding results. They secured numerous media placements for my business in top-tier publications, which significantly increased of visibility and credibility in the marketplace. Overall, I highly recommend Orca Communications to anyone in need of PR services. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication are unmatched, and they truly deliver results that exceed expectations. - Almina Deveci, Marketing Manager, SAKI
  • Orca Communications has been a fantastic PR firm for us. We have been with them for over a year and they get results!  Tammy and Aaron are great to work with, especially since our product/topic is a sensitive matter. I recommend Orca highly!  Gloria Kolb, Elidah CEO
  • “Orca PR is a highly professional, seasoned, energetic team that is a joy to work with.  They have deep print, media and social connections that have rewarded us with numerous hits, with top-tier national news outlets. I cannot recommend them enough!”

    Henry Lovejoy, President EcoFish / Freshé / Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood

    EcoFish / Freshé / Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood
  • Orca is great to work with. From Amanda helping guide us to narrow in on our company's needs, to Tammy working diligently to understand detailed nuances of our industry, and Rita seeking our article placements that would help us with market awareness and SEO and market, I am glad we chose to work with Orca. A hard-working group of professionals that I'm thrilled to have working alongside me. - Diane Bond, Clarus R+D
    Clarus R+D
  • "The team at Orca has been super great to work with! They've been really helpful in getting everything set up, and I can tell they are really putting the extra effort in to get my products out there. I got my first feature within my first month, which was immediately followed by a noticeable spike in product sales which was fantastic! They've been an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to a long working relationship." 
    - Lars Wijers, Tiny Treehouses
    Tiny Treehouses
  • "Partnering with ORCA has been a fantastic decision. We have countless opportunities on a monthly basis. We know they work for our brand every day to bring the most exposure possible nationwide." - Rebecca Juzwiak,  Johnson's Popcorn
    Johnson’s Popcorn
  • "The press we receive on an annual basis is literally worth well over a million dollars or more but only costs us a tiny fraction of that per month, it's  our a secret weapon over competitors, it compliments all our marketing efforts and closes the gap with the validation it brings from all of those write so enthusiastically about our products." - Robert Harbaur, Bondic
  • "ORCA/ and our publicists are integral to our marketing team and strategy. They are strategically knowledgeable in connecting media with our product and understanding the PR landscape. We have made lots of great connections, and the media coverage has been instrumental in the growth of the business. The monthly recaps give us a ton of traction and content. And the whole team is a super-easy team to communicate with and responsive." - Allison Pezzack, DigIt
  • "I've been working with Lacy and Orca for less than one year and have been very impressed with the results! Lacy is a rockstar and clearly goes above and beyond to promote clients. We were even featured on NBC the Today Show's fitness products showcase. Huge exposure!" - Aaron McRann, Founder, Bear Fitness Inc.
    Bear Fitness Inc.
  • "For the last year and a half Move38, an innovative game company in the tabletop space, had an incredible experience working with ORCA. Our goal at the time was to land consistent press for our new Blinks Game System, and ORCA overdelivered on their promises here. We attribute a lot of our tremendous SEO improvements to the constant press ORCA was able to land for us. Now when you research "Blinks", you see Move38. For a small company to have such a footprint on a generic word is amazing, and we give a lot of thanks to ORCA for this. Further, ORCA was genuinely excited and passionate about our product, mission, and growth. This manifested into passionate pitches and an openness to test out multiple angles." - Ishmael Asante, Move38
  • "Orca is one of those special agencies that actually does what they say they are going to do. They have delivered on every level over the past year in generating high-quality placements and original content with important media across the U.S. that are highly relevant to our target audiences." - Ron Scharman, CEO, Fly With Wine
    Fly With Wine
  • “We are so pleased with the results of Bridget’s hard work and consistent efforts...On the day Wendy Williams aired and we had the USA Today coverage we saw a huge jump in sales and that extended into the rest of the week.”
    -Lynn Rae-Hannah, Time Concept, INC.
    Time Concept, INC.
  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lacey, Maisel, Kim and the entire team at Orca! From day one it was incredibly clear that they cared so much about my business and did a great job of getting buzz for my company and helping me spread the word on social media. The entire team was thorough and thoughtful and I could tell they wanted the relationship to succeed and thrive. I got numerous mentions during my partnership with them, reaching thousands of new potential customers and building invaluable clout and word of mouth. Thank you Orca for all you did and all you do! - Morgan, Twisted Truffles
    Twisted Truffles
  • Orca Communications is absolutely expert in their field. The ability of our publicist to gain coverage for our products on TV, on websites, social media and blogs, and in print publications was superb. Over the course of six months, we were featured in multiple gift lists in regional and national publications, interviewed on TV and our products were shown and even demonstrated on TV in markets around the US. This kind of exposure is incredibly difficult to achieve, especially for a small business with limited staff and budget. Orca Communications has key relationships with media and the know-how to make it happen with ease!
    - Holly Noah, Founder, Eat Your Words Custom Cookies
    Eat Your Words Custom Cookies
  • "Working with Orca has been easy and profitable. They have bent over backwards to accommodate our changing needs, and delivered big press wins for us that resulted in awareness and sales that propelled Wayzn forward in a big way. - Adam Smithline, CoFounder, WAYZN
  • "ORCA has provided everything promised and more! In just 4-5 months they have gotten features in top magazines and on TV. The features over the last couple of months have been amazing! Great work to you and the team." - Aaron Turner, Vertiball
  • Honestly, it's been pretty crazy.  The People Magazine placement certainly drove a lot of sales of that product, but more importantly, it introduced a lot of first time shoppers to discover our brand and buy other things as well.  We are running a big FB and IG campaign right now so we've been driving a lot of sales from those sources, but our direct search is up 70% and google search is up 144% and I suspect that most of that additional traffic is being driven by the People placement. - Adam, SodaPup
  • "We are thrilled with Orca PR getting our product onto the Hallmark Channel. Sales for the past 3 days are up 64% over last week Tuesday-Thursday. Amazing what a boost PR can give!" -Lisa Baronoff, Walkee Paws
    Walkee Paws
  • "Our experience with Orca Communications has been wonderful. After a not-so-great partnership with another PR agency, we were so relieved to collaborate with Orca’s professional staff. The onboarding process was a breeze and we appreciate that they took the time to understand our company’s needs, then developed a PR plan that was tailored to meet our objectives and budget. Debbie has been a pleasure to work with. She’s been responsive and collaborative and most importantly, her work delivered results. Orca has become a valued addition to our marketing team and we look forward to our continued partnership with them." - Adam Ashley, Goodtimer  
  • "Debbie and the rest of the crew at Orca PR have done an exceptional job in expanding the awareness of Bravus Brewing Company. Great placements, excellent communication and generally going above and beyond are a few of the many reasons I highly recommend their PR firm."
    - Philip Brandes, Bravus Brewing Company
    Bravus Brewing Company
  • "Amazing work by you, Martin, and the whole team 🙂 Excited for this feature and many more in the coming months!!"
    -Aaron Turner, Vertiball
  • As a small business owner, one of the last things on our to-do list was to find a PR company. Justifying the cost was always a struggle. It always seemed like an optional expense. “Shouldn’t we be buying more inventory, instead?” Plus, our needing to prioritize an infinite number of other tasks always took precedence. That is, until we knew Orca. These guys changed the way we view PR. They just deliver feature after feature. And while we braced ourselves, initially, to not make any ROI, they proved us wrong there, too. Our traffic skyrocketed, and in a few short months, they made themselves indispensable. We just love how these guys work. They’re professional. They know what they’re doing. And they care about the business relationship. We are very happy to have them in our corner. Aliya, Spunky Stork
    Spunky Stork
  • "I come from a paid media background and have always poured a lot of money in to direct-response ads on Facebook and Instagram. Recently we decided to allocate some spend to PR, with the help of Orca. We've been featured in a wide range of online and offline publications and websites, big and small, and we've built not only a strong backlink profile, but also now have some pretty cool bragging rights to tell people about! Like getting a feature on Huff Post!" - Adam Reed, Crown & Paw
    Crown & Paw
  • "Orca was part of my launch team for my app. I've been averaging 3% growth in new users per day. 1% of that is from social media and the rest is from PR and word-of-mouth. I was surprised, but PR actually produced more results than targeted social media and for a lesser amount than I was spending on social media. I will continue to invest in PR - I am extremely pleased with the results."
    - Martin Banbury, Streetify
  • “I love Orca’s model of pitching opportunities as a team of publicists. This approach runs counter to the industry and creates much greater value for smaller companies. Our publicist Tammy is extremely attentive to details and works hard for every opportunity.” - Chad Kauffman, Kitty Poo Club
    Kitty Poo Club
  • “Orca’s team knows how to go to work in places that you’d never think of on your own. They’re well-versed in publications, blogs and production companies, and they continually bring new opportunities to the table. It’s a great way to build brand equity in new channels and demographics.” – FTI Brands / SneakERASERS
    FTI Brands / SneakERASERS
  • I am a huge fan of PR vs. Advertising. I have spent so much money over the years advertising with little results. I was doing my own PR and did have success ie; Oprah and The Today Show, but I love the exposure Orca is giving me to new audiences. It is such a pleasure to work with Orca and Jennifer and allows me to concentrate on other areas of my business.
    Marilyn Robertson, Jack and Mary Designs
  • As a company that takes great pride in crafting some of the world's tastiest and super-clean ingredient food products, we also take great pride in our company's brand awareness. We turned to Orca Communications to ensure our brand propels with success, increasing brand awareness, sustaining that awareness and securing vital editorial coverage that is delivering results! Hands down Orca is the go-to PR Firm if you want your company's brand to grow and excel.
    Daniel Bauer, Marketing & Brand Partnership Manager for Wrawp
  • We are thrilled! We've been hard at work capitalizing on the traffic - have a full digital marketing plan in place - and so far, it's working with a huge spike in sales on our Amazon listings! - after their product was featured on the TODAY Show
    Kate Ladd
  • Orca is different than any other agency I've worked with. They understand the value of time, and don't waste it on activities that won't move the needle. Jennifer and Allison had opportunities in motion for us within the first couple of weeks! and we had coverage publishing throughout our entire campaign. They also can deliver on specific requests. When we asked for a feature in a specific publication, they delivered. On top of all of that, they were able to roll with the rapid changes that can occur in a startup environment. I highly recommend them!
    Julia van Broeck
  • As a growing business based in Hong Kong, we relied on Orca to help us break into the US market. Their team worked with us on a daily basis to keep us up to date and on top of incoming opportunities.  Within 6 months of working together, we were featured on the TODAY Show, Wirecutter and several influential lifestyle blogs. We could really tell that the whole team cared about our product and worked tirelessly to promote us. Thanks for your help Orca, you were invaluable in getting us to where our company is today!
    Yvonne Lo Mather
  • Before we hired Orca Communications, we had exposure on Shark Tank and mostly industry news but not much beyond that in terms of press for the consumer. Their team has made us a part of the national conversation by securing features for us in ​press outlets like the TODAY SHOW, Fox News, CNET, Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal and so many more! Our publicists are a seamless part of our team and are always thinking of new angles and ways to bring Fizzics to the media. We look forward to our continued relationship and can’t wait to see what is next!
    Holly Salk
  • Orca continues to blow us away with their personalized service, care and dedication in helping build our brand. They are always on the lookout for PR opportunities and creative media angles to get our product in the right hands at the right time. Our publicist is experienced, responsive, modern and skillful. And she delivers results. The latest? Getting on National TV for the Mother’s Day segment of The Steve Harvey Show! Not only was the experience amazing, but Orca went to great measures in ensuring a positive outcome and support, to include sending our publicist to Chicago! We so appreciate the quality, partnership and commitment provided by Orca week to week.
    Jennie Helman
  • The Orca team has been great to work with. Our assigned account reps really saw the value in taking the time to understand our industry, our approach with patients, our company story and the different media-appropriate angles within. I have yet to work with a more responsive, professional group in PR
    Corina Froese
  • My last book did well, but not anything like AN UNEXPECTED GRACE, which thanks to the efforts of Orca, has now sold 140,000 copies—and that is pretty much phenomenal for a first novel.  I am amazed by the success.
    Kristin Von Kreisler
  • I just finished updating the as-seen-on section of our homepage! I am very pleased and look forward to working with you guys for quite some time in the future. I think we can accomplish a lot together.
    Robert Morrison
  • We first turned to Orca in a bind needing a quick boost of fresh eyeballs for a crowdfunding campaign. They rallied on short notice and got us interest from 18 different publications including Forbes and Huff Post.
    Orca is forthright with their activity, responsive to emails, and go above and beyond. Some people say PR is a prayer, which I was doing a lot of before Orca. At very least it is was a mystery on why competitors were getting great press and we weren’t. Orca dispelled that mystery for me and I always know where we are with them.
    The only reason I wouldn’t recommend Orca is to keep them all to myself.
    Nate Castle
  • Thanks to Orca PR, our company is leaping from "our little business" to a nationally recognized business that's booming! Orca landed us a spot on the Rachael Ray Show after only a couple of months working together. The show was an amazing platform to put our Vintage Marquee Lights on TV in millions of households nationwide. The response has been great! Thanks Orca PR !
    Jerrad Green
  • The Orca team has been absolutely wonderful to work with.  They are responsive and very effective.  We believe we have received excellent ROI for their services and have continued to use them.  We had previously had a terrible experience with another PR firm and so were hesitant to use any PR firm, but Orca is very personable and very good at getting our branding out.  Good luck to you.  If you choose Orca, I am sure you won’t be dissatisfied.
    Amit Pandhi
  • We honestly can't believe the immediate success we've seen since starting with Orca PR. It's less than a month into our campaign, and we've already been featured by a wide range of media outlets- including a lengthy article with Men's Fitness. For a company that targets this specific male demographic, we couldn't be happier with this exposure, and have already seen it translate into an increase in our sales. I am now a firm believer in the efficacy of strong PR, and Orca's my team!
    Jake Kuczerok
  • I once told a business acquaintance the difference between Orca PR and the other firm I used is 'night and day.'  I mean that in the most complimentary way towards Orca.  My publicist is thorough, on top of things, responsive, efficient, and results oriented. He works quickly and while I am hard to impress, I am impressed.
    Greg van den Dries
  • Holy crap. That’s awesome! Thanks for the major hookup! – after a People.com feature
    Jerrad Green
  • Orca Communication comes with our highest recommendation. They have done an exceptional job of producing brand and product exposure for our 10-month old, small business. Not only do they go after feature stories, but they make sure to obtain the types of media that will reach your business’ intended target market.  Orca constantly keeps us informed on what media outlets are interested in our product, which media coverage we are going to receive and their efforts to pitch our product to carefully selected platforms. After only 3 months of working with Orca, our product was featured on NBC’s Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Working with Orca PR is a game changer! We highly recommend Orca Communication as a public relations company because they go above and beyond to obtain regional and national exposure and can show results that stem from their PR efforts, quickly and efficiently. Signing with Orca Communications is one the biggest growth-generating decisions we have made for our company.
    Brynne & Bailye Stansberry
  • We are thrilled to let you know that the Chicago Tribune article on The Pocket Poppet that was featured in Sunday's Travel section has created quite a buzz as well as a huge rise in sales over the last couple of days !! We have received many emails and phone calls , not only from customers but also potential retailers! We have extended our customer base east and south with the article also being featured in the Baltimore Sun and sister publication in Florida! We are so grateful to Staci and Eva and staff for all their continued hard work! Orca PR has been and continues to be the perfect company to take our brand to the next level and let the world know who and what we are. We are so grateful to have been introduced to you at the TGA in Arizona and love your personal support of The Pocket Poppet - it really means a lot to Karen and myself.
    ​Helen Tyler
  • I can't believe how amazing our holiday sales have been. We are so grateful for the incredible press you secured for this month. It's beyond fabulous. I just saw the January P&N and it's gorgeous. You ladies have outdone yourselves AGAIN!
    Lisa Leonard
  • My experience with Orca Communications has been awesome!! The Today Show after four months in business!! That kind of exposure is priceless, I'm on my third campaign with Orca and the features keep coming in!! I know they are working "overtime" to make sure that everyone hears about ON THE CUFF. They truly are a great asset to any inventor looking to gain local and national attention.
    Rana Bauer
  • Orca Communications was a perfect PR fit for my business. Since we are in the Family/Baby industry, their media contacts were exactly what we were looking for. I will use Orca again, and would recommend them to any business owner, especially if their business is related to family/baby/mother products or services. They are amazing!
    Amanda Garner
  • Lacy is an absolute angel. I have no idea what I would do without her. THANK YOU a million times over for convincing me to join up with you guys, and for putting her on my account. I just adore both of you, and am completely convinced that I may not spend even 1 day without you as part of my (very small) empire!
    Elizabeth Lyon
  • We had limited contacts and weren't sure how to get the word out about our product. It's been more than refreshing to see this know-how, commitment, excitement and cando attitude in our Orca team which has resulted in great online reviews, placement in magazines and tv segments. The investment we've made to retain Orca has been worth every single cent and the return on investment has been even better!
    Linda Smaldore
  • I’m positively thrilled with Orca Communications! They really got to know my products and understood my target audience. I was particularly impressed with their sense of urgency and responsiveness to all of my initiatives and direction. I asked for TV coverage and the next thing I knew I was on air showing off my toys! We also have a lot of print and online coverage to show off at the next trade show. Thanks Orca!
    Brandi Field
  • We love working with Orca! Krista and Lacy have been incredibly easy to work with and have secured us fabulous editorial coverage with regional and national magazines and television spots. I highly recommend their services if you want to get product in front of more people.
    Lisa Leonard

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