Lisa Kelly

Lisa Leigh Kelly brings 20 years experience in television newsrooms around the globe. Her reporting has landed her on national news outlets including The Today Show, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel. Notable news stories include covering the events of 9/11 from Ground Zero in New York and Princess Diana’s funeral in London.

Lisa also spent two years as a White House Correspondent for the Tribune network (including WGN) during Clinton’s second administration, covering the impeachment scandal from Capitol Hill and the Kosovo War from the Pentagon.

Internationally, Lisa worked as a consultant for a television station in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, helping train reporters how to cover politics during a national election. She also covered the election there for CNN. She has worked for local television stations in Philadelphia, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Austin and Monterey, CA.  She is a journalism graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Lisa is a globe-trekker, having traveled to 38 countries. Always one to leap at adventure, Lisa has bungeed off a bridge in Zimbabwe, hiked through a leech-infested rain forest outside Kathmandu, performed with a choir in the Kremlin during the USSR’s first legal Easter celebration (she sings alto), climbed Mt. Sinai in Egypt, investigated a political assassination in Mongolia that raised the ire of the KGB, and climbed an active ice volcano in Chile wearing crampons.

Along the way she met her husband, a fellow adventurer. Together they live in Austin and have four children, who have considerably slowed their overseas escapades.  They are also licensed foster parents.

Besides her family, Lisa’s primary passion is Texas Longhorn football. She is also an accomplished pianist and enjoys cooking with real food.

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