Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC is known as “America’s PR firm for Inventors and Entrepreneurs®.”  Our hard-hitting, highly effective, out-of-the-box approach to public relations allows us to continually produce exceptional results for our clients.

By working natural synergies between our clients and those who cover them, we develop PR campaigns that compel the media into featuring our clients. We have the contacts and media know-how to put the story in the right hands, in the right way, at the right time!

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Why Orca Communications?

Orcas are known for having one of planet earth’s most sophisticated communication systems. They live and hunt in pods and their ability to effectively communicate is what makes their community thrive. Here at Orca, we have mastered working as a cohesive, cooperative, supportive group and are exceptional communicators. Orcas know how to cut through the noise and so do we! This is how we deliver “killer” public relations services!

By fusing Orca Communications’ dynamic PR services with social media support,  our “Sound Solution” offering allows us to stay on the forefront of producing the most cost-effective marketing campaigns that can cut through the noise so our clients can be heard and seen – and found by potential customers. As a rapidly increasing number of influencers and mainstream media adopt the affiliate model in their content strategy, our publicists and social team are assisting our clients in leveraging this important sales channel.

We are a pro-pitch PR firm that scores national editorial media on a daily basis for our clients. Many of our publicists come directly from working in the media and all have established relationships with editors, reporters, booking agents, producers, and features writers in thousands of outlets in every medium.  We are able to draw on those contacts and our media experience to get the maximum amount of coverage for our clients.

Our social media specialists will work with our client’s marketing team to provide guidance, ideas and content as needed. Our publicists work hard to get media coverage and we’ll supply the tips, tools and support to ensure that our clients gain the most benefit from every hit by utilizing social media to maximize impressions. For clients who need more, our social media team can provide social media management support to help them keep their social content fresh and engaging.

As more and more content is delivered on social platforms, influencer marketing has become  an effective strategy for many brands. While we still find earned opportunities with influencers with our PR outreach, paid partnerships allow for more control over content and timing of placements as well as a stronger commitment from the influencer for brand success. In addition, many influencers are moving to an exclusively paid model. Our Influencer Campaigns include extensive research for ideal matchmaking, relationship building on your brand’s behalf and assistance in securing a contract with deliverables that meet your goals.

We work with companies both large and small in size and in budget and we are confident we can build a solution that will work for you. We have three tiers of service: Gold, Silver and Bronze – and each can be customized to meet your unique requirements. We also offer Social Media Support and Influencer Campaigns that we can coordinate and integrate with your PR outreach to elevate your brand visibility and engagement with your target audience.


  • My last book did well, but not anything like AN UNEXPECTED GRACE, which thanks to the efforts of Orca, has now sold 140,000 copies—and that is pretty much phenomenal for a first novel.  I am amazed by the success.

    Kristin Von Kreisler
  • “Orca is one of those special agencies that actually does what they say they are going to do. They have delivered on every level over the past year in generating high-quality placements and original content with important media across the U.S. that are highly relevant to our target audiences.”

    – Ron Scharman, CEO, Fly With Wine

    Fly With Wine


January 5, 2022
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January 15, 2021
2020 May Have Been a Cold Reality but it was Red Hot for Orca Clients! On The Ellen Degeneres Show, “resident expert crazy person” Kym Douglas showcased the amazing Orca client Mock ONE hammock that transforms your family room into a tropical vacation! Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson knows a great solution and a sweet…
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I realized at a very young age that I was fascinated by inventors and entrepreneurs.  Maybe because my Uncle (Roland Reynoldson) was one.  He was a mechanical engineer with a degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Engineering. Not only was he Oscar Mayer’s First Chief Engineer who invented the “smoker” which brought smoked meats into the marketplace, but he also invested in the fledgling company.  In fact, Oscar Mayer himself and his family lived on the same street we did growing up in Madison, Wisconsin.

Anyone who knows me at all, can tell you that I personally am cut from this cloth.  I was born to be an inventor and entrepreneur.  When my more than capable son took over as CEO of Orca, I vowed to stop inventing and marketing.  That didn’t last long.  I’m still fiddling around with lots of interesting ideas.

When I founded Orca, I knew EXACTLY HOW TO HELP INVENTORS AND ENTREPRENEURS, BECAUSE I WAS ONE.  The Orca Team from the very get-go has and is currently, equally passionate about helping people become successful and realize their dreams.

Besides conceptualizing an out of the box approach to public relations and implementing that concept successfully for nearly 20 years, I have also been involved in other pursuits.  Some “made it” and some didn’t – but not due to a lack of effort.  And in every case, the lessons I’ve learned have been so important.  I am so pleased to share my expertise coupled with a dedicated & talented staff to bring you Orca’s very best.  Orca is a World Class Public Relations firm and I could not be more proud.

Julia Hutton   


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