Top PR Trends Happening Now in Q1 2024 

April 1, 2024 | Amanda Green

2024 is off to a whirlwind start! New AI tools are popping up daily, everyone is freaked out about the cost of groceries, and it’s an election year so most things feel political. These are certainly hot topics in the press and media. As publicists, we are always keeping our finger on the pulse of current events and how we can use them to share our clients’ stories. We pitched all kinds of topics in Q1 of this year. Here are some of the top PR trends we’ve identified. 

PR Trend: Ways to save money

Editors tell us they’re looking for stories that can save money for their readers and viewers. They seem most interested in stories about sales and discounts. They are also showing interest in products that make aspects of everyday life more affordable. 

PR Trend: Brand Transparency 

Editors are focused on and prefer to feature brands that are transparent about the inner workings of their company. They want to know everything from how you source your materials/ingredients to how you treat your employees. Writers and reporters will scrutinize you further if you make claims such as “eco-friendly” or “diverse,” so be prepared to intelligently answer questions related to those topics. This is a direct response to demand from the public. Younger readers want to know the impact the brands they purchase from have on the world around them. 

PR Trend: Being Human 

Writers, editors, and publishers tell us their inboxes are inundated with AI-written PR pitches. A personalized pitch that shows the writer that you did your research and understand their publication and audience will go a lot further than one that is clearly written by robots. 

PR Trend: Leveraging Data 

If you make a claim, be prepared to back it up! Editors respond positively to pitches that leverage data in ways that tell meaningful stories. Look at your customer data or conduct surveys to identify trends happening with your products or within your industry. 

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