Fabulous Finds at Fancy Foods

January 24, 2023 | Amanda Green
Written by Kim Krigsten, Account Executive, Orca Communications

Before we left for Fancy Foods, I joked about wearing my “Thanksgiving Pants”. You know, the ones Joey from Friends wore that expand. Turns out–it wasn’t a joke. Samples galore–and we had trouble saying no to any of them. It would have been rude not to try cookies, chocolate, and savory treats (at least that’s our excuse).

Fancy Foods did not disappoint. 

We tried so many fun new products and met so many nice entrepreneurs. For many, it was a family affair. Take Janet from Janet’s Finest Compotes. Janet flew in with her two lovely daughters from Minnesota to share her spicy jams. All I can say is she’s found the perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Then, there was Mari from MariMix who was there with her daughter and husband to share her healthier version of Chex mix. She started this company during Covid and it’s definitely become her passion.

Speaking of passion–one of the most inspiring people we met was Brett from B’s Gourmet Nuts. He was diagnosed with cancer and finally decided to follow his dream. His truffle cashews were amazing and you can tell it is a labor of love.

As far as cool trends–we were introduced to the benefits of Almond Oil. I love almonds but had no idea you could cook with Almond Oil. Tina from Sunny Gem Oil shared with us all the health benefits–a healthier heart, better-stabilized blood sugars, and maintaining a healthy weight for example.

Plant-based fish is definitely still a big trend and we saw so many sauces to try! One of our favorites was Bayan Thai Cuisine–their green curry could rival any restaurant!


Whoa Dough

Always fun catching up with current clients as well. Todd from Whoa Dough just gave us the green light to continue for another campaign because he loves working with his publicist, Debbie. Ronda from Ronda’s Finest showed off her new Sofi Award (we couldn’t be more excited and proud of her), and Mike from TBJ told us he’s expecting baby number four. He and his mom are always a highlight. We love when clients become friends.

TBJ Gourmet

Fancy Foods 2023–another one in the books. Always fun meeting new clients and saying hi to our loyal ones. Now, we might need to get some more fitness clients on our roster so we can get in shape before 2024’s show.