Giving Thanks

November 22, 2022 | admin

Written by Pete Howmiller, CEO

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that celebrates bountiful harvests and other blessings realized over the past year. There are different traditions employed for these celebrations, many which involve consuming large quantities of turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. 

For some, it is a day of football and for others, a day of parades. 

At Orca, we would like to simply take this time to pause and give thanks. As we reflect back on 2022, we are grateful for our clients – new and old. Some have been with us for several years, even powering through the height of the pandemic with us; many continued to see steady sales, as online shopping remained stronger than ever. We always have new clients who place their trust in us to help build their brand, so this is a job we all take very seriously. 

Equally important are the media, with whom we engage on a daily basis. We appreciate their interest in our clients’ products and services, and we love partnering with them on timely angles to get them the right spokespeople and/or products to help build a compelling story. We express our thanks for these relationships every day, sometimes resulting in loud applause and high-fives (at least the emoji version) as we share our “hits of the day” with each other – our coworkers, aka “The Pod”.

And that brings me to the Orca Pod:

Our greatest gratitude runs deep in this sector… This is a special group of people, and as the CEO I feel incredibly blessed to have each of these amazing professionals working for Orca. As part of their general nature, I see them consistently thanking each other for support and sharing stories of the “power of the pod” where they come together to pitch as a team – and as a result, landing great hits & coverage for our clients. 

This sounds funny even writing it – but there is so much to be grateful for even though we are potentially heading into a recession while coming out of a pandemic. We are pleased with all that we’ve achieved together in the past couple of years. We may not be right where we had hoped when we were looking ahead in 2020 (I mean…who would have thought!) but on a positive note, looking in the rear-view mirror things could be much worse.

So, whether you prefer your turkey baked, deep fried, or smoked…made out of tofu, constructed of a floral bouquet, or presented as a 10-story balloon…I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration! 

If you are reading this and you’re an Orca employee, a client, a media contact, or a consumer of one of our clients’ products or services – I sincerely thank you. 

This ecosystem of inventor/entrepreneur has innovative idea -> awesome product or service -> Orca pitches -> media covers -> builds consumer awareness and trust -> consumer buys $$$ is tried and true. Rinse and repeat. 

Thank you. Muchas Gracias. Mahalo. Grazie. Merci. Danke. Tak…谢谢你. No matter the language, culture, or family traditions – Happy Thanksgiving is the message!