Help My Home – Learn more about the products seen on “Daily Flash”

February 13, 2023 | Amanda Green

As seen on the national trending news program “Daily Flash,” these household helpers are designed to tame the chaos in your home and nourish a stress-free lifestyle. Whether it’s elevating your morning coffee and tea ritual, killing household germs, or making your spring garden planning a breeze, check out the products here to help your home.

Saki electric gooseneck kettle

Saki - As Seen On Daily Flash
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Saki’s electric gooseneck kettle is not only beautiful but extremely functional. The gooseneck spout gives you control with a slow, precise pour to create the perfect pour-over coffee, tea, or broth. The built-in brew timer will heat your water to the exact temperature-taking about two to three minutes. Saki’s smart light ring will light up when the kettle reaches the desired temperature. You don’t have to stand over it to know when your water is ready. The handle’s rubber grip is heat-resistant, so the high temperatures stay where it is needed. The texture of the handle also gives you a good grip to help with that steady pour. The plastic-free kettle is made from high-grade steel and includes a luxurious, soft-close, rubber lid. Saki’s automatic temperature hold function will keep your water hot for up to 60 minutes. Saki is a family-owned company with a line of specialty home products.


Kuppy - As Seen On Daily Flash
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Upgrade your drying game with Kuppy, the ultimate rack for all your favorite drinkware and reusable baggies. Kuppy’s two-sided design is a universal fit for nearly every shape, material, and size of water bottle, reusable baggie, and wine glass. Their unique air slot design speeds up the drying process by five times and helps prevent bacteria and odors. The premium, food-grade, matte silicone finish keeps your bottles snug and secure, so you don’t have to worry about them falling over. With Kuppy, you can say goodbye to dirty counters and dish mats and hello to a streamlined, efficient drying process. Available in three colors, graphite gray, snow white, and botanical garden. It comes in 1, 2, 4, and 6-packs.

Thyme & Sage

Thyme & Sage creates dish towels that are high-quality and specialized to suit the most common kitchen needs with a system to help you remember which. No.1 – The Cleaner: Super absorbent. Use for cleaning only to wipe dry hands, soak up spills, and wipe down countertops. No. 2 – The Cook: Flat for less mess. Use it to cover the rising dough, wring out greens and potatoes, place between pot and lid when cooking rice, and line bread baskets. No.3 – The Multitasker: For everything else. Throw it over your shoulder or tuck it in your apron as you cook, use it to clean little spills, handle hot pots and place them under the cutting board for stabilization.


GardInnovations has the newest and coolest garden tools available. The Seed-In Soil Digger and Soil Spacer for Planting Seeds is an all-in-one tool that allows gardeners to simultaneously create seventeen evenly spaced holes in the soil for planting seeds and seedlings. There is no need to measure the distance between each seed hole or dig each one individually. You can use each hole for closely spaced crops (radishes, beets, carrots, etc), or space out every second or third hole for plants that require greater spacing (like broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, etc). Gardeners can grow perfectly spaced plants with significantly less time and effort. Lightweight (under a pound) and nearly indestructible, the Seed-In Soil Digger reduces the effort required to plant seeds and seedlings.

PhoneSoap 3

The latest edition of the best-selling classic, PhoneSoap 3 UV Phone Sanitizer & Charger, kills 99.99%† of bacteria and viruses on phones, keys, and more in just 10 minutes. Backed by 10 years in UV-C technology, PhoneSoap 3 has been sold by the millions for good reason. Available in white, black, silver, periwinkle, gold, orchid, and aqua for $79.95.

These products were featured on Daily Flash, a growing national news and lifestyle show that airs in TV markets all over the country. Check your local listings to find out when it airs near you!