Made in America – Brands to Celebrate on the 4th of July

July 1, 2022 | Amanda Green

The 4th of July is upon us – a perfect time to celebrate American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Entrepreneurship has always been part of the American dream, and for this list of Made in America brands, their founders are living it! 

Cell Phone Seat

Veteran-owned and proudly made in Michigan, Cell Phone Seat is perfect for anyone who spends time in the car. It’s a cell phone holder and cup holder all-in-one. The device fits into a cup holder and holds a cell phone for safe, hands-free driving while still being able to use the cup holder for a drink. It doesn’t block a vent or attach to the dashboard like most cell phone holders for vehicles. Due to its unique design, it holds any phone, even with cases, vertically or horizontally, and you can charge your phone while it’s in the holder.


This black female-owned company based out of Tampa, FL creates unique and innovative sports and athleisure wear for your mind, body, and soul. ObservaMé’s activewear tops have a one-of-a-kind opening in the sleeve for easy access to watches and personal fitness trackers. All items are made of high-quality, dry wick material with streamlined designs that contour to all body types for easy flexibility during any activity and all-day comfort. The fabric is soft to the touch so it prevents chafing. 


Be prepared for July 4th brunch  (think white whip cream, red, and blueberries) by investing in a “patriotic” cast iron waffle maker by Appalachian Cast Iron Company! The design alone honors the U.S.A. with a field of 50 stars on the inside and a bald eagle and shield on the lid! This heirloom waffle maker is built to last for many generations. Each iron is personally “hand-finished” and seasoned by the company owner and veteran, Tony. Not only that, when you cook with cast iron, you get evenly heated for perfect waffles and it’s healthy, as a little bit of iron gets cooked into every waffle! The ball-and-socket joint for flipping and stay-cool spring handle means that despite the sturdy contraction, kids can help make breakfast too! 

The Dooloop Leash Accessory 

This small pet company’s product is ‘Made in the America’ with non-toxic, BPA-free, recycled/recyclable plastic, has zero-waste packaging, and is assembled by hand. The Dooloop helps you walk your dog with ease with a simple must-have hands-free eco-friendly solution that secures to your leash carrying a bag of your doggie’s “doo” saving you from carrying it for miles to the nearest trash can. The Dooloop team wants all dog owners to enjoy the path ahead with a little more freedom with their innovative dog poop holder added as a leash accessory. 


This veteran-owned company is another pet brand out to change the way pet products are made. SodaPup specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of Made in America dog toys and enrichment products for power chewer dogs. They have product designs to celebrate all reasons and seasons, but for the patriotic series check out products like a Red Firecracker-shaped toy, a Red Soda Can, a Red and Blue enrichment lick mat set, a Blue Rocket Tug Toy, and a Red Stars and Stripes Tug Toy items and more! 

Vite Ramen

The world’s first all-in-one nutritionally-complete ramen or healthy ramen is made right here in the USA. Taking the convenience of instant noodles and blending it with the powerful nutritional benefits your body needs and the savory flavors your taste buds crave, makes Vite Ramen the perfect feel-good meal that is good for you. Every serving of Vite Ramen is packed with 25% DV of all 27 vitamins and minerals your body needs to get you through the day, specifically crafted for bioavailability. Each packet contains up to 31g of complete protein, 9 grams of prebiotic fiber, ALA Omega-3s, and is formulated with a calculated macronutrient and fiber approach, which helps adults sustain optimal energy levels.  Vite Ramen is made without deep frying, preservatives, or tons of salt.

So there you have it! A handful of Made in America products to check out while eating your 4th of July barbecue before the fireworks show. If you are the founder of a brand with a great story to share, be sure to contact Orca Communications today.