Podcasts: What Opportunities Exist and What to Expect

April 11, 2022 | lora reuther

By: Rita Tennyson

Podcasts are a relatively new addition to the media world and they can be a great platform to get the word out about your company’s product or mission. There’s an abundance of opportunities – from smaller podcasts to a select audience that will raise awareness among like-minded people, to highly popular programs that reach a much broader audience on Apple or iTunes, for instance. You can find a podcast that covers just about everything now – cooking, health, relationships, politics, start-ups and entrepreneurism, social issues, entertainment, and much more.

Small podcasts, even those aired only on Facebook or Instagram, are certainly still worthwhile as an avenue for new entrepreneurs to gain interview experience and to build a brand’s social presence.  If you’re an expert on any subject matter,  a well-rounded PR plan will incorporate submitting you as a guest option to all key podcasts within your area of expertise.

Every podcast is different in terms of what it’s looking for in a guest.  For each opportunity, it is wise to do a planning call with your publicist (if they do not suggest one, request one) to go over expectations and tech requirements.  Here are questions to ask:

Audio, video or both?

How long will I be on camera or audio?

Live or taped to air at a later date?

Tech requirements?

How much time will I have to talk?

Additionally, be sure you’re clear on the angle of the interview. For a business program you    may be asked questions related to your start-up story or financial growth, while for an entertainment or lifestyle podcast the questions will be related to how the product benefits today’s consumer and its unique uses, for example.

Once the interview airs, don’t be shy! Give it legs and share that podcast on all of your social channels!