Secrets to Being Memorable on Social Media

July 12, 2017 | admin

As a content contributor, I have a voracious appetite for authors. Two of my favorite are Dale Carnegie with his book How To Win Friends And Influence People and John Malloy with Dress For Success.  Both gentlemen provided me the logistics for success – leave a lasting impression. When we look at content marketing and social media today, even marketing in general, we always need to leave a lasting impression so that individuals talk about us.

My research on the Internet for the last 20 years illustrates that those that are most provocative are the ones that are memorable. Individuals such as Seth Godin with his now famous book Purple Cow, to Gary Vaynerchuk and even Neil Patel create some incredible content that creates hordes of followers. In fact, it is provocative nature that allows us all to discuss particular products and services.

Take for example all of the ridiculous cat videos that are seen on YouTube. Or, even the ridiculous human falls, and daredevil attempts that are captured on video. One can simply look at YouTube and immediately notice millions of views.  As an entrepreneur or small business, you need to think in a similar way. David Ogilvy of the now famous advertising firm that bears his name spoke about this as early as the 1970s. In order to remain vivid in the mind of the customer, you need to do something that’s memorable.

Here are some tips that might be helpful for you:

  1.  Observe.  Constantly observed people and their habits. Look at some of the behavior and how it correlates to your existing product or service. Is there something that establishes a presence to help make your product or service memorable?
  2. Design. Some of the now famous products are memorable because of their design. For example, the iPhone which captured attention from Steve Jobs in 2010. Or, the Fit Bit’s unique design and interface got many people off the couch. As it is often said in the Capital One commercials of today “what’s in your design?”
  3. Quality. There is much consternation amongst customers today that they’re not being serviced well or, that products do not offer the quality of yesteryear. Is there something in the quality of your product that is substantial allowing consumers to talk about you. Take a look at your quality and how well it holds up amongst the competition.
  4. Service. 67% of most individuals today would rather utilize customer automation than deal with an individual because of poor customer service. Is your organization similar to a Starbucks or Nordstrom’s? Do you provide incomparable service that allows others to speak about you?

Sometimes all it takes is looking at the simple things that allow your customers to speak about you. This includes but is not limited to taste the food, the quality of service, the quality of design and even the manner in which you interact with your consumers. One of the best things that you might be able to do is track every customer touch point to ensure that there is a level of excellence in everything that you do that allows customers to chat about your greatness. You will see immediate results by doing the things your competition is not or positioning well against your competition. Take a few moments each day to ensure that you’re conducting the correct observations while also being consistent and relentless in your marketing so that you become the talk of the town. Be consistent and be memorable.


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