Summer PR Pitches: Media pitch angles we’re working on right now

June 10, 2022 | Amanda Green

The person who invented the term “lazy days of summer” clearly did not work in PR! Summer is really the start of our busy season. Not only are we hustling to find summer press coverage for our season-sensitive clients, but we’re also shifting our focus to the holiday gift guide season as editors at many of the larger publications start putting together their annual gift guides during the summer months. These are some of the summer PR pitches and media pitch angles we are working on during this time of the year. 

Summer Fun 

Orca Communications clients, summer 2022 for summer PR pitches

There are endless angles for summer press coverage. Whether it be a story about cookout essentials for backyard barbecues or a guide to peacefully lounging by the pool on a hot summer day, our publicists are tying their pitches to the summer season. Editors seem especially interested in activities related to the great outdoors with a flood of new public interest in pastimes like hiking and camping. We’re also seeing the continued trend of eco-awareness. Editors are looking for brands and products that are minimizing their carbon footprint, choosing alternatives to plastics, and making efforts to ensure a more sustainable future. 

Summer Travel

Orca Communications clients summer safety 2022

Travel is back, baby! After a two year hiatus thanks to covid, editors are eager to cover travel-related stories. They want new innovations, the best luggage, space savers, money savers, time savers – you name it! If it makes travel more efficient and enjoyable, they want to see it! Editors seem especially interested in items for road trips since it’s shaping up to be a popular summer on the roads.


Orca Communications clients back to school 2022. These are examples of summer pr pitches.

It seems like the kids just started summer break. But that means it’s time to start pitching editors stories related to their return to the classroom. These angles go beyond pitching school supplies for product roundups (we do that too, of course). Editors want to learn how innovative new products help parents, students, and teachers have a smooth transition back into the classroom. 

Made in America

Orca Communications clients made in america 2022 for summer PR pitches

While journalists are always covering great stories about American ingenuity, there is usually extra focus on the topic around the 4th of July. It could be a rags-to-riches founder’s story or a business story about American manufacturing, design, or engineering. Another relevant topic could be an economic angle about a company adding jobs to the economy. Depending on the outlet, some publications are also working on product roundups. These are designed to promote brands that focus on making their products in America. These are all great opportunities that often come up in the summer months.

Holiday Season Gift Guides

Orca Communications clients holidays 2022

Summer is actually the peak season for pitching products for inclusion in holiday season gift guides. This is the time to start promoting to journalists any special products, packages, or Black Friday deals. We want to make sure those are on their radar early! If your products aren’t seasonal, you’ll still want to find ways to tie them into the season to keep them relevant. Example: kitchen gadgets can be used in pitches for holiday meal prep, fitness products can be used in pitches about easing holiday stress, healthy snacks can be energizing for shopping days, etc. That’s why Christmas (yes) is part of our summer PR pitches.

Fall/Winter (yes, really)

We’re always pitching several months in advance as most editors – even bloggers these days – are frequently planning their editorial calendars months in advance. This is the time to introduce them to your latest pumpkin spice fragrance, apple pies, hot cocoas, burgundy hues, and spooky themed products. Orca Communication’s themed group pitches work well for the season because we can highlight so many different kinds of fall products at once.  

These are some examples of the types of media pitches we’re working on for the summer of 2022. PR is all about keeping brands relevant year-round and our publicists are pros at doing just that!