The Beauty of Cross- Pollination in PR

October 13, 2021 | lora reuther
By: Julie Simon
In the PR days of old, a media feature was one dimensional. If a PR team landed a client a feature in say, The Los Angeles Times, then they had to hope that the readership was particularly high that day, that the content met the right eyes at the right time with the right message and the right need. And that was just Step 1. Step 2 included that the person behind those eyes felt spurred enough to look up the company or seek it out at a local brick and mortar store and finish the purchase transaction.
If we look at a press feature as a bee analogy it’d be like this: the bee used to pollinate just a singular flower. The singular flower is the singular press feature. But now, with social media channels as a true extension of so many media outlets covering our clients, we’re pollinating an entire garden.
So for example, one of our publicists recently landed a feature for our longtime self care client TheraBox on the Superbowl of consumer product media, The Today Show on NBC! 
The Today Show also put it on their corresponding online site. Read it here.
So, that’s big. Clearly. Touchdown! Had the coverage stopped there, that would have been the equivalent of a bee pollinating a singular flower. The gift of social media reach is found in what happened next. The Contributor who took the product on the Today Show also posted it:
There are so many more opportunities for eyes who didn’t happen to catch the TV segment to see the feature. The bee pollinates more than one flower and the client enjoys far more robust coverage across several platforms. Cross pollination at its best!