“As Seen On” – Top press coverage from April 2022

May 10, 2022 | Amanda Green

Each month our publicists secure dozens of earned-media placements and press coverage for our public relations clients. April was no exception with results in top-tier publications like the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart, Sports Illustrated, Self, and PopSugar to name a few. Below are some of our favorite placements from April 2022. 

Twinkly in the Wall Street Journal 

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)  has just shy of a million subscribers. The website gets more than 39-million views each month.* Imagine our excitement when a reporter at the WSJ let us know that they’ll be including Twinkly’s Flex line in an article about Mood Lighting that appeared both online and in print.  

This is an example of press coverage for Twinkly.

The article provides a concise and thorough review of the product in a roundup style article, ultimately showcasing the beauty of the Twinkly Flex and how it ties into the changing home décor tech landscape. 

This type of earned-media placement would have cost thousands of dollars as an advertisement. The media service company, Cision, lists ad equivalency as $74,000*.

This is an example of press coverage ad equivalency.

The publicist on this account, Rita Tennyson, met reporter Dalvin Brown in December while prepping for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). “Even though the WSJ and Twinkly didn’t end up attending the show due to COVID, the connection was invaluable for this feature months later,” says Tennyson. 

SPOTMYUV in Women.com and PopSugar

Orca Communications’ UV detection sticker client had a great month of press coverage just in time for the summer season. SPOTMYUV appeared in multiple product roundups and placements including Women.com. The website review says, “This product is so helpful because you often don’t realize when you need to reapply and end up with a brutal sunburn, but with SPOTMYUV’s helpful exposure scale, you can beat the burn!”

This is an example of press coverage and a review for SPOTMYUV

The PopSugar article was equally exciting and positive for SPOTMYUV with a lengthy article describing how the product works. PopSugar describes itself as a female-focused publication that inspires “happiness, strength, and confidence to be your best self,” making it the perfect media outlet for SPOTMYUV. 

This is an example of press coverage for SPOTMYUV

These two placements alone have a potential reach of more than 12-million*. 

Plankpad on Sports Illustrated & The Healthy

Sports Illustrated is the crème de la crème of media outlets for athletes, which is why it is the perfect place to secure press coverage for our client Plankpad. We are thrilled to see them included in a product roundup for ‘10 Fitness Products You Need When Traveling.’ 

This is an example of press coverage and product review for Plankpad

Brands take note, there is a lesson to be learned here: the samples you provide to the media are never wasted! 

Publicists don’t always know how a reporter will utilize the information we provide, but as Orca Communications publicist Rita Tennyson describes, the reporters will use it when they have the perfect fit. “We had originally sent the Plankpad to the reporter for a story she was doing on her own about her own 4 week fitness goals,” Tennyson explains. “We were first told that TheStreet.com was interested in her take on products for fitness, but then, their sister publication, Sports Illustrated, wanted it instead!  Lesson learned–you never know where something might end up!” 

This is why, as PR pros, we constantly pitch new angles and follow up with every media contact that makes a connection with a brand. 

This surprise placement in Sports Illustrated added huge value to our client, with the media website getting more than 21-million unique views each month and an ad equivalency in that publication of $40.4k.*

This is an example of press coverage for Plankpad

We aim to get different kinds of press coverage for our clients. In addition to that Sports Illustrated placement, Plankpad also saw a placement last month in The Healthy from Reader’s Digest. In this case, the value isn’t necessarily on the volume of readers, but in the type of person reviewing the product. The publication’s team of trainers and fitness instructors gave the product the green light. 

Raycon in SELF

Speaking of healthy publications, SELF magazine gave consumer audio brand Raycon a nod in a roundup about the ‘Best Wireless Earbuds for Workouts.’ SELF spoke to several fitness experts to get their opinions on what makes for a good pair of fitness earbuds. One of their reviewers commented on how much they liked the Awareness mode feature, “Awareness mode helps you hear the world around you so you can be safer and more alert in your outdoor workouts—safety first.” 

This is an example of press coverage for Raycon

SELF gets 4.8 million unique views monthly*

Heatless Hair in Martha Stewart

PR is almost always a long-game marketing strategy, but often with major payoffs. Take this example of press coverage for Heatless Hair. MarthaStewart.com calls it one of the “Best Methods For Curling Your Hair Without Using Heat.”

This is an example of press coverage for Heatless Hair

The publication spoke to a master stylist for tips on achieving the perfect locks and they recommended the brand’s Curling Ribbon. It’s a quick mention, but comes with an expert recommendation and a direct link to Heatless Hair’s website from the massive MarthaStewart.com audience of 16-million unique views per month.*  

Celsius54 & Santte Foods on MSN.com

MSN is still one of the most viewed sites on the web with over 900-million unique monthly views. We are thrilled to see our clients mentioned on the site that appears as the browser homepage on countless computers across America. A Trae Bodge article on CBD essentials mentions Santte Foods’ Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies as a standout alongside several other CBD brands and links to the brand’s website. 

While Celsius54 appeared in an article full of products people can buy to support Ukraine. 

This is an example of press coverage for 54 Celsius

These are a few examples of press coverage our publicists secured for the month of April. You can see more placements by following Orca Communications on social media or by contacting one of our PR pros about working on press for your brand. 

Can’t wait to see what the month of May brings! 
**All stats mentioned in this article are from Cision.