“As Seen On” – Top press coverage from May 2022

June 7, 2022 | Amanda Green

Each month Orca Communications publicists secure dozens of earned-media placements and press coverage for our public relations clients. We had some big hits in May with our clients featured in places like Popular Science, Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine’s “The Strategist”, and Prevention just to name a few. Below are some of our favorite placements from May 2022. 

FlyWithWine in Travel + Leisure Magazine

For a suitcase brand, nothing is bigger than Travel + Leisure Magazine. The publication’s website has a reach of 6-million! We are thrilled to see FlyWithWine’s innovative wine suitcase known as the VinGardeValise in a roundup of the best travel wine bags for any occasion!

FlyWithWine in Travel + Leisure Magazine press coverage

Family Tree DNA in Popular Mechanics

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is a long-time client of Orca. Our team has been pitching their DNA test kits for nearly 9-years! Since then, they’ve received coverage in just about every major publication out there including big national stories in the Wall Street Journal and ABC News.

In this article, Popular Mechanics dives into how DNA test kits work. It explains that testing kits like Family Tree DNA “focus primarily on ancestry and mapping.”

Family Tree DNA in Popular Mechanics press coverage

Popular Mechanics is a classic media outlet – founded over 100 years ago in 1902! They consider themselves an authority on “how the world works” and receive about 8-million unique views to their website monthly. Even a small mention is a big get! 

HandsOn Gloves in Prevention

Speaking of long-time clients, HandsOn Gloves continues to get timely press coverage from their Orca Communications PR team. This month, they were included in a roundup in Prevention about the “Best Pet Hair Removers.” Prevention.com gets more five million unique views every month.

HandsOn Gloves in Prevention press coverage

HandsOn is the perfect example of how continuous PR can work for a brand over time. Our pitches keep the brand in front of journalists. This way they remember to include them whenever they have a fitting editorial piece. Even though they may not see a top tier placement every month, HandsOn knows that their PR team is constantly working to keep their latest products and innovations in front of editors and writers.

Putt-A-Bout in “The Strategist”

We saw Father’s Day Gift Guides galore in May, a trend that will likely carry over into June. NYMag’s “Strategist” included Putt-A-Bout in a “Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas” roundup. The publication names it best for “The Dad Who Chugs Arnold Palmers.” .  

Putt-A-Bout in “The Strategist” press coverage

Publicist Allyson McCormley says The Strategist is a dream publication for many clients, but it isn’t an easy get. In this case, affiliate links and Amazon played a role in editors considering this for placement. Putt-A-Bout has more than 1,000 4-5 star reviews on Amazon and over 17,000 reviews total.. 

Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker on CNET.com

Father’s Day isn’t the only holiday for gift guides this month. The Popular CNET website included the Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker in a college graduation gift guide. The article comments on the practicality of the product saying, “This model’s compact size is perfect for first apartments.” 

Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker on CNET.com

CNET has a massive following of more than 37-million unique views monthly. It is considered one of the top technology publications on the internet.  

Vite Ramen on Buzzfeed

While we’re on the topic of websites with massive online followings, our team is ecstatic to see Vite Ramen get pickup on Buzzfeed this month. Buzzfeed listed the healthy ramen as one of the top Asian-Owned food brands for a roundup during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. . 

Vite Ramen on Buzzfeed
Vite Ramen on Buzzfeed quote is an example of press coverage

The writer sampled dozens of AAPI-Owned food and drink brands and said about Vite Ramen, “I tried this roasted soy sauce chicken flavor for lunch one day, and it was the biggest cup of instant ramen I’ve ever seen or had! It’s a hearty portion for sure, and it’s full of so much rich flavor on its own.” 

Buzzfeed is an example of PR gold. Not only does the trending site have 46-million unique views each month, but our clients have also reported click throughs and sales from Buzzfeed roundups.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions on Scripps National News

We love making our clients’ media dream wish lists come true and our publicists did it again this month! Scripps National News ran a fantastic story about Nightlight Christian Adoptions. It featured the organization’s legendary Snowflakes embryo adoption program. The news story aired in 76 TV markets across the nation

Nightlight Christian Adoptions on Scripps National News

The beautiful story features a family that chose embryo adoption and educates viewers about this cost-effective alternative to traditional adoption. The story explains, “it’s when an embryo created for in vitro fertilization is adopted, then transferred into the adoptive mother, who carries the baby to full term.” 

Clarus R+D on Accounting Today

While Accounting Today doesn’t have the massive trending appeal of a website like Buzzfeed, it is certainly PR gold for companies in that industry. That’s why we are excited to see Clarus R+D’s new R&D Tax Credit Platform featured in the publication’s weekly technology roundup. 

Clarus R+D on Accounting Today

A B2B service like the one offered by Clarus R+D requires a different PR strategy than the product pitches we’re able to create for many of the brands listed above. This is why we say publicists are the chameleons of communication – constantly learning about new products, trends, and stories. 

String Sling in Vintage Guitar Magazine

This is another example of a client in need of more strategic PR placements. Nothing beats a full gear review in the May issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. The publication calls String Sling an “innovative twist that combines a handful of essentials” for all guitar lovers! 

This is just the latest in a string of strategic placements for our favorite guitar string cover client. 

And that’s a wrap on May 2022. These placements only scratch the surface of the level of PR hits our publicists secured in May. June will certainly bring an entirely new round of top-tier PR placements and high caliber press coverage!