Why I Became an Inventor – Kerry Cooke, Spleash

May 30, 2023 | Amanda Green
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Spleash keeps your dog hydrated on the go. Invented by a mother and daughter team, this water reservoir and a flip-open water dish attaches to a dog’s existing leash. And they thought of everything when designing it! The Spleash even has a spray function to cool your pet’s coat and paws or to spray water onto the pee puddle to prevent burnt grass. Best part? a portion of every sale goes to domestic abuse support organizations.


Kerry Cooke, Inventor of Spleash

I became an inventor after 20 years of dreaming and wishing I could become one because I decided it was finally time to live my dreams. As a creative person, I’ve always had ideas, but I found myself holding back and not pursuing them because I was afraid. But I’m not scared anymore.

When the idea for Spleash came to me, I knew this time had to be different: I would have to look past my fears and take the proverbial leap. This decision began a new era in my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to grow. 

All my life, I suppressed myself and my ideas because I didn’t know if we had a place in the world. Now, I can see that you have to make your own place, that it’s not freely given to you; rather, it’s something you must carve out yourself. 

Thus, I began my journey to do just that! I took one of my many ideas and ran with it. I dared to believe in myself, leading me down new roads. The inventor’s path is full of obstacles; all you need is the will to overcome them. Spleash is the realization of a longtime dream, and I’m thrilled to share the entrepreneurial experience with my daughter!”

Written by Kerry Cooke – Founder, Spleash

Spleash is available for purchase at https://spleash.com/. If you’re a journalist who would like to learn more or speak with Kerry Cooke, please email Krista Loew at krista@orcapr.com.