“As Seen On” – Top Orca Communications PR placements in February 2024

March 5, 2024 | Amanda Green

It’s been another month of top-tier press placements and exciting coverage for the incredible brands we work with at Orca Communications. We love it when an inventor or entrepreneur’s product or story is featured instead of or next to the biggest brands in their industry. In February, our publicists landed clients in everything from Oprah to Sports Illustrated. Here are our top PR placements in February 2024. 

Wirecutter, CNET, Sports Illustrated, and TechAdvisor all recommend FTDNA

Each of these outlets had something fabulous to say about Family Tree DNA. Wirecutter called it their “Upgrade Pick,” saying, “Compared with those competitors, it provides the most comprehensive suite of testing options, which it offers as add-ons to the basic ethnicity test. These additional tools should satisfy nearly any genealogy buff looking to explore their connections to early human migration or wanting to find relatives from one particular side of their family tree.” 

The editors with CNET really do their research on the best products on the market which is why we are thrilled to see they once again selected FamilyTreeDNA as one of the best at-home DNA test kits!  They called it the, “Best DNA test for intermediate users,” their expert reviewer said, “FamilyTreeDNA provides the most complete suite of introductory tools of any provider we tested.

Sports Illustrated also updated its roundup of Best DNA Test kits on the market. FTDNA is one of only four tests selected. In a head-to-head matchup against other top brands, the reviewers said, “While the database is much smaller, I found a lot of DNA matches on FTDNA that I didn’t find on Ancestry or 23andMe.”

February was a great time to pick up some discounts on the best DNA testing kits. TechAdvisor also covered FTDNA, naming it one of the best 6 kits on the market. 

Buzzfeed, Real Simple, and HuffPost cover Bluapple 

Product roundups on popular websites are a great way to build brand clout. That’s why we loved that Buzzfeed included Bluapple on its list of “35 Ridiculously Clever Kitchen Products From Small Businesses On Amazon” in February. 

Real Simple also took a liking to Bluapple, a product that extends the shelf-life of your produce. They published a piece saying the $15 kitchen gadget pays for itself!

And HuffPost included Bluapple in their “43 Things To Solve A Few Of The Problems In Your Life” roundup. 

CBS Saturday Morning features Nightlight Christian Adoptions

We love making our clients’ media dream wishlists come true! Congratulations to Nightlight Christian Adoptions on the fantastic 6 + min story that aired on CBS National News in February! CBS Saturday Morning Show and evening newscasts reported about the organization’s legendary Snowflakes embryo adoption program. 

OprahDaily Includes Crumps Naturals in Gift Guide

It’s never a rough day when OprahDaily.com features your Beef Liver Sprinkles in their “These Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Perfect For Spoiling Your Fury Bestie” article! The writer says, “If you also have a human companion to spoil on Valentine’s Day, treating your dog to a legit steak dinner is probably out of the question, lest you want to shell out the big bucks. Instead, sprinkle this dog food topper on their usual kibble before you head out for date night.”

Inc. previews the Crispy Cones Shark Tank update

We’re loving the national “Inc” for Crispy Cones entrepreneurs Kaitlyn and Jeremy Carlson. Inc Magazine Online editor Rebecca Barker interviewed the couple leading up to their update episode on Shark Tank!  

Business Insider Reviews Designer Dram

Designer Dram is the ‘perfect gift for whiskey lovers’ according to an outstanding review in Business Insider. The website published a lengthy review on the company that allows you to build your own custom whiskeys. The writer talks about how “The bottle screams luxury,” and says “The actual whiskey was outstanding.” 

HuffPost picks Tick Mitt for popular “Weird Gifts” segment 

“Get RomanTICK on Valentine’s Day!” is what our publicist wrote in the pitch. David Moye from HuffPost loved it! He included the Tick Mitt in his Valentine’s Day gift guide. Now, there’s nothing weird about getting rid of ticks and protecting yourself from serious illnesses like lyme disease, but you have to admit, it would be an unusual gift to give on Valentine’s Day. 

This pitch falls under the “WEIRD” category and David Moye from HuffPost loved it. We are proud to say that Tick Mitt (with a creative photo shoot over email) made it by just a hair into the guide and was featured on 2/4/24!

CNN Writes a Review on The UnWipe

Let’s be honest: A lot of the time, TP just doesn’t cut it. Nobody wants to admit it, but sometimes paper alone isn’t all that effective at cleaning up #2. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out what writers at CNN have to say about the eco-friendly version of flushable wipes called, The UnWipe! They say it will “change the way you use the toilet!”

Bloomberg covers Monsoon Chocolate 

When Bloomberg does an article about anti-chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts but includes only one chocolate brand, Monsoon Chocolate (because it is THAT good!), you know you’ve hit gold!