How The Good Cup became one of TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2023”

November 10, 2023 | Amanda Green
Written by Bridget Argana, Publicist

The Good Cup™ was named in Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2023” very exclusive list. According to Time, the winners are selected by first soliciting nominations from their editors and correspondents around the world. Then they choose products in growing industry segments like sustainability, AI, and green technology. Once selected, a detailed application and fee are filled out and sent.

The art of assisting a client to receive such a prestigious award like this has many components. Timing plays a crucial role! That is why publicists are constantly pitching their clients, which keeps them in front of editorial opportunities, including awards. Additionally, you have to have a client with a unique, innovative, and relevant product to get the attention of the editors. The Good Cup™ is that kind of client! The cup has one of the most innovative designs in the sustainability category and uses one-of-a-kind material. The cup continues to win design awards around the world with its foldable, plastic-free lid cup. The Good Cup™’s many features include an all-in-one cup with a paper lid, integrated sip hole for hot or cold drinks, green material such as aqueous-based coating (certified plastic-free by Flustix), recyclable in paper stream and home compostable, cost savings, space-saving, and above all, reduces plastic waste!

Through our consistent pitching for months, we got the attention of the editors at Time, who selected The Good Cup™. We filled out the application and submitted it on behalf of the client. The application fees generally cost a few hundred dollars and will vary depending on when you submit your product. Each application fee is for one category. Time announces the winners in late October. *There is a licensing fee to use the Time logo as a winner on the website and any other marketing use, however, it is not required by the winners. Deadlines and fees may be different in 2024.

Orca is very proud of The Good Cup™ being named on Time’s “Best Inventions 2023” list. We realize the plastic waste problem and that the fast food and beverage chains are not taking large steps to reduce or stop this waste due to options and not for lack of trying. The Good Cup™ is a perfect option. Its design and material could revolutionize this industry with the end result being a cleaner more plastic-free world. The team of publicists who worked on The Good Cup’s™ campaign worked together to elevate the client in the media. This award was a huge win for all!

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