How to get featured on BuzzFeed

October 26, 2023 | Amanda Green
Written by Derek Mora, Publicist 

BuzzFeed has experienced a surge in popularity over the past couple of years. It’s transformed from an entertainment outlet to a credible news source, making it a sought-after online publication in which to have your brand/product featured. Getting featured on BuzzFeed can positively impact the brand by increasing brand awareness, website traffic, and even sales. The joy and excitement of landing a big hit with BuzzFeed and all the potential perks that come with it is exciting for both the brand and the publicist. Brands should consider a few steps to increase their chances of securing a spot in BuzzFeed’s product roundups. If BuzzFeed were a person, it would resemble a millennial; it’s all about the overall package.

  • Make sure your product images are attention-grabbing. Editors and writers operate on tight schedules that can prevent them from reading the entire pitch or visiting their websites. At Orca, we’ve seen writers captivated by product images. Another tip, depending on your pitch’s theme, is to ensure consistent product images. For instance, if you pitch your product to BuzzFeed for their holiday guides, ensure the images have a holiday-themed look. This approach can also be repurposed for other seasonal holidays.
  • Does your product stand out? I want to express my admiration for entrepreneurs and inventors for the creativity and sacrifices they invest in their work. That said, it’s essential to recognize the competition out there. Are there similar products in the market? How does yours distinguish itself from the rest? These factors can influence whether an editor selects your product for their roundup. Make note, a writer is more likely to be interested in your product if it offers unique features not found in the market.
  • Highlight brands’ charitable side! Whenever I work with a brand, I first ask if they give back in any capacity. This strategy can be a good way to get a writer’s attention. Lately, I have noticed a trend with product roundups highlighting brands committed to giving back to the community or supporting a cause.
  • Are you targeting the right person? Target writers who curate relevant roundups, such as those focused on holidays. Do your due diligence and research the BuzzFeed writers to avoid contacting someone who covers unrelated topics. A quick Google search using keywords like “gift guides” or “product roundups” can help you identify writers specializing in product coverage.
  • Always be one step ahead of the pitching game. Check if BuzzFeed maintains an editorial calendar to assist you in creating your pitch. Editors typically plan their editorial calendar in advance, so sending a holiday-themed pitch in the summer can ensure your product is on their radar when they begin creating their holiday guides.

When you get featured on BuzzFeed, it can be an exciting opportunity for both the brand and the publicist. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for getting into BuzzFeed’s product roundup, but these steps have proven effective for me and my colleagues at Orca. So, grab the reader’s attention with captivating images, highlight your product’s unique features, emphasize the brand’s philanthropic side, identify the right contact, and stay ahead with timely and long-lead approaches.

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