Orca Communications Celebrates 20 Years Providing Premium Public Relations to Inventors and Entrepreneurs 

June 15, 2022 | Amanda Green

June 15, 2022 – Phoenix, AZ – Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC, “America’s PR firm for Inventors and Entrepreneurs,” announces it is celebrating its 20 year anniversary, marking two decades of brand-building for over 3,500 consumer products, services, experts, and organizations.

Orca Communications has evolved and expanded over the past two decades to meet the new demands of the ever-changing media landscape. When Orca was founded in 2002, the glossy pages of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day reigned supreme; twenty years later Instagram influencers commonly appear on a client’s wish list and many print outlets have folded or moved entirely to digital-only format.  

The evolution of technology and social media has significantly impacted consumer media habits. PR professionals have had to become adept at understanding influencer marketing and pitching to the new crop of bloggers and creators on social media platforms. Orca’s menu of services has broadened to provide 360-degree marketing support to its clients, including social media management and influencer campaigns, in addition to traditional public relations campaigns which land clients media coverage within mainstream news outlets. 

But not only has Orca survived, it’s thrived. Today, Orca’s client roster is brimming with exciting “why didn’t I think of that?” innovations along with everything from higher education institutions and respected tech brands. As a boutique agency, navigating the peaks and valleys of the U.S. economy the past two decades has not always been easy, however, the drive and passion to service inventors, start-ups and entrepreneurs has always stemmed from the top down. 

Orca’s founder, Julia Hutton, who recently retired, had a distinctive vision for Orca from day one: to make quality public relations accessible and affordable to small business owners.  She left a long-time career in public relations to start her own agency with the intention of helping the “mom and pop” inventor spread the word about their idea. She chose the name “Orca” because killer whales are known for having an incredibly sophisticated communication system and they are notoriously team-minded and highly skilled at hunting in pods. These distinctions describe the Orca publicist team perfectly.  Clients know when they sign on with Orca Communications for a campaign they will always get the added advantage of the “pod!”

Perhaps most noteworthy, Hutton conceptualized an out-of-the-box approach to PR that made Orca Communication’s services more economical for those with a small marketing budget, without sacrificing on results.  This format allowed start-ups to take part in a first-class PR push by sharing the time of an exceptional publicist within a themed campaign. Now under the leadership of CEO Pete Howmiller, Hutton’s son, the firm is still grounded in this original mission and prides itself on generating quality media coverage for burgeoning products and the dedicated inventors behind them. 

“I am incredibly proud of the work that the Orca team consistently produces for our clients,” said Howmiller. “While we’ve had to keep up with the ebb and flow of a rapidly changing media environment, the dedication to inventors and entrepreneurs and the unique approach we have taken to public relations that Julia established 20 years ago has proven to stand the test of time.”           

In addition to its unique approach to public relations, Orca was a pioneer in the virtual workplace business model that is now prevalent due to the pandemic. Headquartered in Phoenix with 28 employees nationwide, all employees have always worked from a fully-equipped home office. During Covid as the vast majority of companies scrambled to move employees to a work-from-home arrangement, Orca weathered the storm seamlessly, delivering continuous media coverage to its clients with no wrinkles to iron out in regards to the virtual office environment. Many business owners have since realized the benefits of a remote office setup on employee productivity and operations and have maintained this model despite Covid concerns waning. Orca was ahead of its time.

“As the company looks ahead to the next twenty years in business, one thing is for sure – the media world is continuing to evolve and Orca has every intention of diving in and successfully riding the waves of change,” said Cynthia Guiang, Chief Marketing Officer, Orca Communications.

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