Our Favorite Print Media Publications in 2024 

February 9, 2024 | Amanda Green
Written by Allyson McCormley, Senior Public Relations Strategist, Orca Communications

Everything old is new again, or is that something that everyone says at the start of a new year? I get it. Cargo pants, headbands, and tube tops were cool when I was a teen, and I’m seeing these trends pop up again…. I’m looking at you Gen Z. My teenager may say I’m from the 1900’s (for the record I was in high school in the late 90’s), but it looks like our latest generation is going back to yesteryear and showing print media publications some love in the 21st Century.

Everything was better in the 80’s, right? No, I’m not talking about legwarmers or Duran Duran, but the 1880’s! That’s when some of today’s popular print publications launched. Magazines and newspapers like Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post were first printed almost 150 years ago, and these names remain at the top of our clients’ wish lists. They are also some of the most trusted publications including People Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens, and they are just a few of Orca’s favorite print magazines and newspapers.

There are a couple of reasons why print is making a comeback:

1.) Print is more immersive and engaging compared to online content. Reading print media requires more focus and attention than scrolling through your device (hello blind scrolling).

2.) Holding a newspaper or magazine in your hands stimulates your senses (touch, smell, and sound). This creates a deeper connection between readers and content and improves memory and comprehension. Studies show that print readers retain more information and have higher recall than online readers.

Clients want to be featured in trusted media outlets. Likewise, media outlets want to work with reliable publicists and products. We’re able to provide that service to both our clients and editors. We know that these national outlets only feature the crème de le crème (insert your product or service here), and some editors at these outlets work six months in advance, so they may be looking for back-to-school products, Labor Day essentials, and end of summer bash ideas during the late winter/early spring. While short lead media, like online outlets, regional newspapers, and TV producers are working on timely angles like late winter, Black History Month, spring must-haves, and Earth Day favorites during this time of year (see our guide for timing your PR campaign).

While we love print media, we also have amazing contacts at online and broadcast outlets, so we’re able to pitch your products and services to fitting editors and producers across the board. So, if you’re hoping to be included in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan or Good Housekeeping this year, we’re already talking to those editors and working with their editorial calendars.

Check out our media placements in our favorite media outlets in the last 12 months:

November 2023: FTDNA was featured in the The New York Times/ Wirecutter.

June 2023: Putt-A-Bout was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

June 2023: The Crafty Cask was featured in The New York Times.

April 2023: Tiny Treehouses was featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.

April 2023: Umby was featured in The Wall Street Journal.

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