Top Trends and Standouts at Natural Products Expo West 2024

March 20, 2024 | Amanda Green
Written by Kim Krigsten, Orca Communications

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Plant-Based Foods, and All-Natural Wellness Products. Natural Products Expo West 2024 had it all, and then some! So many products to sort through. Some standouts…

Finally Nut Free Spread otherwise known as “Chickpeas Gone Wild”. After learning two of their children had nut allergies, this mom and dad decided to start cooking! These spreads are plant-based, school-safe, all-natural, and delicious! You can eat with “reckless abandon!”

Corpse Reviver

Mocktails just got healthier (and less fattening). Meet Corpse Reviver. With flavors like Guava Rose and Prickly Pear, you sure won’t miss the alcohol. Plus, these are packed with electrolytes so you can drink them after Hot Yoga or exercising. A standout to us, and one of the most eye-catching booths!

No Sugar cookies that taste good? It’s true! Jayne Jones is the No Sugar Baker and she’s also a survivor. Jayne kicked the sugar habit after ending up in the hospital from complications from diabetes. Eating healthy isn’t just a way of life, it’s tasty! 

Yaza Foods
Yaza Foods

International foods are also on trend! Yaza Foods makes Labneh and if you haven’t heard of it you will. It’s a Middle Eastern dip that’s packed with tangy goodness. It’s a healthy substitute for cream cheese, sour cream, and Greek Yogurt. 

There was more than food and beverages at Expo West. Take LemonGrass Farms. They have one of the purest bug sprays ever made. There were also rows of vitamins, supplements, and just about every natural product you can dream of. Expo West just keeps getting bigger every year. A sign that natural and health-conscious products are on trend!