Top Trends at CES 2023

January 13, 2023 | Amanda Green

What a show! The tech at CES gets more impressive each year and 2023 was no exception. Lifesaving robots, massive TVs, gadgets and toys, smart homes, and autonomous cars — ingenuity filled the showroom floor. If CES proved anything this year it’s that trade shows are back, baby!

Here at Orca, we work with a lot of inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We’re less interested in Sony or LG’s big unveiling (though those booths are a standalone attraction), and more interested in an inventor’s “ah ha!” moment, the small brand showing off their resourcefulness, and the game changer products that only the earliest of early adopters know about yet. 

Similar technology used in multiple ways is always a trend at CES. I remember a few years back when all of the booths seemed to have an innovative use for sensor technology. Or, for a while, it was trendy to call anything and everything “smart.” Here are a few of the top trends I noticed at CES 2023: 

Artificial Intelligence

I left the CES floor wondering if there’s anything robots won’t do. AI is everywhere! It can be in your jewelry, your TV, your gym equipment…I even saw a kitchen oven smart enough to recognize the food you put inside of it and adjust your cook time based on what it detects.

One of the more fun uses of AI comes from a startup called Birdbuddy. They have a smart bird feeder that recognizes the type of bird that lands on your feeder, sends it to your phone via the BirdBuddy app, and then adds it to a database so that you can connect with other bird watchers.

MagSafe Compatible Everything

TalkGo at CES

MagSafe, which is the magnetic technology that Apple uses in its chargers, trended in a big way at CES this year. I saw an astounding number of tech accessories marketing their compatibility with MagSafe. 

A product called the TalkSocket from a new brand called TalkGo stood out to me. It allows you to use Amazon Alexa on your phone hands-free. Also, Power1, a cleverly designed product that allows you to charge your iPhone and your AirPods at the same time caught our attention as a gadget to watch. 

Tech That Saves Lives

This last trending category is one I’ll simply call “tech that saves lives.” I saw several wearable devices that track a lot more than just your heart rate, and sensors that help the disabled and elderly. There were even smart toilets that can scan your pee and tell you if anything looks medically concerning in it. Countless companies showed off their gadgets for air quality and control and sanitation. 

An app from Bridger Aerospace called FireTrac is a favorite app from the show. The app tells its users real-time fire data, so homeowners can keep an eye on their properties in evacuation areas or understand how quickly a fire is moving if they live near a danger zone. 

A maritime rescue drone called the U Safe also stood out. The remote-controlled robot can go into dangerous waters to pull someone to safety. 

These are just a few examples of the Top Trends at CES 2023. Thousands of brands attend each year and we know how hard it can be to stand out. If you’re looking for press coverage for a trade show check out our trade show guide or schedule a consultation to get a plan in place for your brand.