Why I Became An Inventor –  Gloria Kolb, Elidah Inc. 

February 28, 2023 | Amanda Green

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Gloria Kolb, Co-founder of Elidah, Inc.
Gloria Kolb, Co-founder of Elidah, Inc.

Gloria Kolb is the co-founder of Elidah, Inc. Her product, ELITONE®, is the first non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for pelvic floor disorders. One in three women suffers from pelvic floor disorders, which can cause issues including embarrassing leaks or incontinence. The fact that Kolb’s invention can help so many women regain confidence and control over their bodies is pretty impressive! We wanted to hear from Gloria, in her words, as to why she became an inventor:

“There are so many ways to improve the world. Isn’t that really the goal for all of us? I once had a job as an analyst: I reviewed and researched; I searched for anomalies and dangers. I had the intellect and the skill necessary, but I was pretty bored. So I suppose the main reason why I became an inventor is it is fun! It is fun to create something new. Growing up, I had always been creative in my writing, schoolwork, artwork, and music. As an engineer, pouring my creativity into developing new products is exciting. You never know if this design, that method, or a crude prototype will work. Then, when it does, you can put your energies into making it intuitive to use, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and ergo dynamic.

Beyond the fun part, creating a new product is very rewarding. You invent something new because there is a problem in need of a better solution. It is so incredibly fulfilling when your design or product becomes available for users, and makes someone’s life better – often substantially better in the medical device arena. Sometimes there are major technical hurdles. Other times there are regulatory hurdles. And sometimes, it just doesn’t work and you need to start from scratch. But that’s ok because it is all a part of the process which helps you learn and develop something truly worthwhile. As inventors, we are constantly learning from our experiences and others so it never gets dull. Finally, when we get customer emails and feedback highlighting how their lives have been changed for the better, I know I’ve chosen the right path. Is there any better job than that?”

Written by: Gloria Kolb – Founder, Elidah Inc.

ELITONE is available for purchase at https://elitone.com/. If you’re a journalist who would like to learn more or speak with Gloria Kolb, please email Tammy Marino at tammy.marino@orcapr.com