How to get into trade publications

November 7, 2023 | Amanda Green
Written by Jennifer LaVoie-Trimble, Publicist

As publicists, we nurture and establish wonderful relationships with the trade media. Not every press placement will be in a mainstream consumer publication. Sometimes niche outlets are the most strategic placements that lead to the biggest sales and reasons to celebrate our fantastic clients. This is why it is important to know how to get into trade publications.

Prior to a major trade show, we are able to thoughtfully work to secure meetups for our clients with the publishers and editors of relevant publications to their trade. We encourage the press to stop by our clients’ booths so they can share their news and find stories about their brands and products. 

We also work closely with these editors year-round to help them keep their pulse on the most exciting new product launches in their industry. A press release or quick pitch via email is a great way to keep your brand in front of those editors. We also recommend setting up a link on your website where trade press can reach out about new product releases and company news. 

When to start pitching media for tradeshows

It’s great to reach out to media attending a trade show about a month prior to the event. It is also important to be clear that you are seeking editorial opportunities. Some media outlets might have a preference to work with their paid advertisers first. But rest assured, the relationships we, as publicists, form between your brand and your industry’s trade media will benefit your path to success.

One thing that’s important to note is that media attendees have limited time as they are meeting so many businesses. It isn’t unusual for them to only allot time for 5-10 minute meetings. This means you or the rep at your booth should share their most important information first and offer a product sample if warranted. 

We always extend a gracious follow-up to all media after the shows. If the media would like to receive more information, we are helpful to offer to set up additional interviews, share press release information, and product or lifestyle images for any upcoming PR opportunities they may like to include their products/businesses in. We also encourage the press to let us know if they would like us to request product samples be shipped out so they can experience the product first-hand. 

Like so much of PR, there isn’t really a secret answer to securing a lot of press coverage. It just comes with thoughtful outreach and consistency. I always remember the golden rule, to treat others as they’d want to be treated. You’d be surprised how far that can go when talking to members of the media. 

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