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Earth Day 2022: Brands walking the walk, not just talking the talk when it comes to sustainability

April 22, 2022 | lora reuther
Eco-friendly History & Demand Earth Day was first established in 1970, now engaging more than a billion people every year in an effort to unite with the end goal of preserving the environment. It aims to accomplish this through local, national, and global changes. This mentality has since influenced a number of changes, from government… Continue reading →

Why Periodic In-Store Audits Are Essential ​for Retail Success

April 18, 2022 | lora reuther
By Yohan Jacob, Retailbound Orca invited Retailbound, ​one of our​ strategic partners​ in the retail space, to write a guest blog post​ sharing its expertise with our clients and followers on the topic of retail marketing. For any start-up or seasoned business owner with products on store shelves, you’ll want to read this!​​ Why Periodic… Continue reading →

Podcasts: What Opportunities Exist and What to Expect

April 11, 2022 | lora reuther
By: Rita Tennyson Podcasts are a relatively new addition to the media world and they can be a great platform to get the word out about your company’s product or mission. There’s an abundance of opportunities – from smaller podcasts to a select audience that will raise awareness among like-minded people, to highly popular programs… Continue reading →

Oprah’s Favorite Things List: What does it take to be chosen?

March 25, 2022 | lora reuther
By: Martin Stein It’s the golden fleece of publicists, the one placement that is said can make fortunes and turn a side gig or fledgling business into an overnight success: being named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. For me, it was a client of mine called Wonderffle, a simple but clever device that lets people… Continue reading →

Orca Communications is 20 Years Strong

March 9, 2022 | lora reuther
By: Cynthia Guiang This year Orca is celebrating 20 years in business. From our foundation there are three things that have remained true to our core: 1) we are passionate about helping inventors and entrepreneurs spread the word about their innovative products and services; 2) we understand in order to serve this market we have… Continue reading →


January 5, 2022 | lora reuther
Orca Communications publicists placed our clients in almost every top-tier press outlet you know in 2021! Oprah’s Favorite Things included Orca Communications client Wonderffle, a stuffed waffle maker. Then, Food & Wine Magazine chose to highlight Oprah’s best kitchen and food picks by including the Wonderffle. The New York Times featured Butter Hub online and… Continue reading →

The Beauty of Cross- Pollination in PR

October 13, 2021 | lora reuther
By: Julie Simon In the PR days of old, a media feature was one dimensional. If a PR team landed a client a feature in say, The Los Angeles Times, then they had to hope that the readership was particularly high that day, that the content met the right eyes at the right time with the right… Continue reading →


January 15, 2021 | lora reuther
2020 May Have Been a Cold Reality but it was Red Hot for Orca Clients! On The Ellen Degeneres Show, “resident expert crazy person” Kym Douglas showcased the amazing Orca client Mock ONE hammock that transforms your family room into a tropical vacation! Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson knows a great solution and a sweet… Continue reading →

4 Takeaways for Your Marketing Strategy from Facebook’s Holiday Report

September 9, 2020 | lora reuther
By: Amanda Green 2020 may be the strangest year ever, but one thing remains the same: people plan to shop this holiday season. However, their buying habits may look a bit different. They may spend more money on themselves, older generations that previously shopped brick & mortar retail are now shopping online, and nearly everyone… Continue reading →

The Trade-Offs for No Trade Shows

August 20, 2020 | lora reuther
By: Cynthia Guiang How many more trade shows will be cancelled? What will companies do now that these key marketing events are suddenly being taken out of their mix … and what, if anything, might be the silver lining? One of the most evident victims of the pandemic are trade shows. Over 60 percent of… Continue reading →

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